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It's getting closer and closer to Christmas and still no sign of her. I'm a bit impatient but I thought she would be out by now. Anyone have any idea when we may see her?

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Honestly, I'm getting sick of new dolls coming out right now and the worst part is that the stores are always packed since it's getting close to Christmas.  I don't know how much longer I can deal with the store traffic trying to find all these new dolls.  Of course, Catrine is the one my daughter wants the most out of all the new ones, so I do sort of hope she comes out soon.

My Walmart sucks, I have not seen anything new there in months. She may be start popping up soon though.

I have a feeling she'll be just like how Cupid was last year, and start showing up a few days before Christmas. D:

Me was looking for release dates and one site said she will be released in february
Kinda bummed cuz me want her NOW... but would rather look for her after the holiday rush. Me hopes this wiki is accurate.

She was suppose to be released at the End of November according to a Mattel rep..However... it seems like Mattel is busy pumping out other things such as the Scaris, Picture Day, Ghouls Alive, New cam packs and new fashion packs all at once.  If we're lucky we'll see her...Cause Mattel is suppose to be putting more stock on the shelfs this year to keep up with the demand but that also depends if the store order properly. Mattel only ships out what the store orders and since she is a Walmart Exclusive she may come before Christmas...Or after. Walmart was quite slow getting the Scaris and Picture day in..and STILL is. I'd talk with your Walmart Toy department Head and see whats on order.

Is Catrine a Store Exclusive?

To walmart

Lisa Girl said:

Is Catrine a Store Exclusive?


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