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I have seen a few comments on other discussions, saying things like "I'd love to see more Lagoonas", and "I don't want more Frankies", so , with that said, I would love to know what you would like to see in future lines.

I would love to see a closet/wardrobe of someone like Operetta, or a newbie like JinaFire. Also, more fashion packs, and less dolls of Frankie, Draculaura and Clawdeen. I mean, I get the fact that they are the main characters and all, but still.

Anyway enough about me, how about you?

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Another thing I would like to see is a field trip type line, a class trip somewhere.

BACKGROUNDERS from the webisodes. Webisode-accurate Backgrounders who ACTUALLY GO TO MONSTER HIGH and aren't random movie tie-in promo dolls.

Like Purple Monkfish said: "Dolls for characters established in webisodes and diaries but not yet given a doll. So new characters who aren't just random new people who popped out of nowhere. The troll girl in toralei's diary needs to exist damnit. Iris and Eyra need dolls lol. They have names for goodness sake! Romulus, Manny (but only if they give him a proper bulky body)"

I would also like dolls of the teachers.


More interesting, edgy, "spooky" or "monster-y" stuff.

I'm loving those ideas, so I second that.

Cece said:

I would like to see more siblings packs. I'd love a Cleo/Nefera set. A Wisp/Gigi set. A Viperine/Deuce set. And of course a Clawdia, Clawd, Clawdeen and Howleen's set.

I can dream the impossible dream of having a casketball set featuring Deuce, Clawd, Manny, Heath, And Holt.

Another dream set would be a Jackson Jekyll/Holt Hyde 2 pack.

More Fashion Packs.....and a daughter and/or son of BigFoot/Sasquatch

I've always wanted to see dolls for Andy, Claire, Lilith, Valentine, Manny, Gory, Bram, Garrett, Romulus, Iris Clops.

Just a dream though. ;~;

We also need teacher dolls. OMG, yes.

More boys and an organ playset for Operetta!!

-More Boy-dolls 

-More New Characters

-Teacher dolls

-Fashion for boy dolls

-Fashion for dolls that have no fashion packs already

-Two packs with couples

-More exclusives to Europe (And scandinavia) Sucks when it's US only and you have to pay ebay-prices and custom taxes

-New hairstyles to Abbey. Her hair looks almost the same on all dolls. (I can't wish less Abbey releases since she is my son's favorite)

-More Powerghouls

- A budget spa series maybe

- Halloween costumes for boys. I know there might not be enough boys who would buy that, but one can only dream

-Clothes for boys. Grown men can buy MLP clothes, so why not MH tshirts for boys with Clawd, Gil, Deuce etc.

My MH obsession is very outfit driven. I just want OUTFITS, you guys! Comparing MH to EAH, the EAH high dolls faces are too shallow and saucer-like to grab me the way the MH dolls have done, but every little detail of each of their outfits is so thoughtfully designed! I don't hate the Haunt the Casbah dolls, for example, or the Ghouls Rule dolls, but while the dresses may have a certain drama and impact, their details are mostly quite haphazard. I'd love to see MH take that particular page out of EAH's book. I buy the doll a) when she makes good eye contact, and her face *says* something to me about her personality, and b) when I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THE OUTFIT. (Bonus points if it's in separable pieces - like Picture Day Operetta, for example, rather than one sewn-together dress, since that way it's more fun to play with and restyle).

Anyway, there are far more MH dolls than doll clothes for the MH dolls, and I think that's a shame. (Though, a) I'm less panicked about it now that I've discovered doll clothes sold without dolls on ebay, and b) looking around at other toy lines, that seems oddly normal now, and I wonder why? We used to be allowed to get doll clothes on practically every trip to the toy store when I was a kid, but my mom would never have said yes to a new doll every time). I would absolutely FLIP for detailed, thoughtful fashion packs designed for some of the characters who have more unconventional looks and color palettes (maybe with a mix of pieces that aren't so theme-y they couldn't be shared with other ghouls?) I'm thinking: Jinafire (her colors are unpredictable, and the details have so far been sumptuous), Venus (but just because she's edgy doesn't mean every piece has to be unfinished edges and arbitrary fake ripped details), Scarah (her sleek style stands out from the rest and can be worn by lots of the ghouls), Rochelle (her stone and wrought iron theme makes designs instantly memorable, and they could steer clear of mostly-pink and go more monochromatic, like her signature look), Jackson (well-excited geek-chic and a real outfit with long pants, plz!), Deuce...

I'd even be thrilled to see more from Ghoulia and Robecca, despite the fact that they've just got new fashion packs. To me, the key to Ghoulia's fashion is a) layering and b) wit. I think the reason Ghoulia dolls and clothes have tired people out wasn't just quantity but a lack of thoughtfulness. GNO Ghoulia, for example, is a nice doll, and I'm thrilled for anyone who loves her, but the dress to me just doesn't have that winking wittiness that her most memorable articles of clothing have had. And Robecca's still a practically-untapped vein, if you ask me. Steampunk done with a side order of blue and purple should have felt fresh, but instead I think it's mostly been a bit dull. Robecca's fashion pack probably had her best outfits ever - the little gear shorts, the harlequin vest, the thrilling blue and copper dress. But there's so much more you could do with her. (And just because trying Steampunk in blue was a newish idea doesn't mean that everything has to be blue, ad nauseum. Robecca's beautiful burnished skin looks gorgeous next to practically any metallic, for example. Why not add some pieces in roasty autumnal colors to the blue-and-black mix? It would repeat Robecca's own appearance, which mixes warm and cool).

I would enjoy a deluxe Toralei fashion pack that included her mix of textures and fabrics. (Toralei's style seems mercifully flexible, not too one-note). I would want a Catrine fashion pack were it not for the fact that it seems like they've decided Catrine only ever wears black and purple. (How did I not see that coming, you guys?! I know the first Catrine wore black and purple, but I never thought they'd try to make that A THING. Black and purple just isn't that inspiring of a thing to repeat, over and over). Maybe they could do a Werecat Mega Fashion Pack with enough pieces to make an outfit for each of the five??? I don't own all five, by any means, but think how diverse those clothes would have to be?

And actually, now that I think of it, for all that Lagoona's had several dolls and fashion packs, so many of her clothes have been swimsuits or practically-sweatsuits. A deluxe fashion pack of multicolored, whimsical separates like the pieces that came with Lagoona's picture day doll would be a very attractive item to me.

In conclusion, if they do ILF dolls again in the coming year, those will be at the top of my list to buy. Because I like dolls. WITH OUTFITS. 

(And guten morgen, if they ever did an ILF Jackson Jekyll, I would DIE. Simply DIE...!!! Probably never ever ever be able to find one on the shelf, but the mere existence of such a thing might be enough to send me to the fainting couch. (And there could be a boyfriend jacket or cardigan or something for him to share with Frankie! And please give him a good haircut).

An organ playset for Operetta! That would be so neat!

One more thing I thought of. I know the CAMs are not widely considered as thoughtfully designed as the regular dolls. (And that's perfectly fair). They generally don't come with as good of outfits, missing torsos are frustrating, and their wigs haven't been such great quality.

But I actually started with CAMs. (They were my gateway-doll, LOL). I gave in and bought my first CAM, because a) the Bee Girl tickled me, and b) I kind of wanted to create my own mix-and-match doll. (I am informed by some blogs - which probably know their stuff - that grown-ups don't want to mix and match dolls' limbs. But I missed that memo, because - especially if I can get the resulting doll to make visual sense - I really kinda do want to mix and match the limbs). And I think one way Mattel's underutilized the CAM concept is by neglecting to theme the CAMs as monsters who really might be the sort to have mixed up/detachable limbs. The Mummy girl makes sense to mix and match, because any creature can be a partially mummified one. A monster might have a random skeleton arm or leg, too, I suppose. But I think the CAMs would become more desirable if they really capitalized on the mix-and-match potential. I would be all over:

-A Robot Girl CAM (maybe shiny metallic? or hammered metallic? with a different aesthetic than Robecca)

-A Creepy Rag Doll CAM

-A Zombie Girl CAM

-A Spider Girl CAM, with sockets for six arms, so you can use the ones that came with her in the package or give her six different arms! (Oh, and in my head, the Spider Girl is done in translucent chartreuse plastic, like that particular kind of yellowy-green spider...)

I would particularly love it if, regardless of theme, they released some CAMs with non-pastel bodies. Switching limbs looks awfully Easter-eggy when your only choices are pastels. (I am picturing a dark violet CAM body halfway between matte and metallic... Too pretty not to buy!)

I'd be giddy if they came out with shoe packs.  Either an outfit-sized set of nothing but shoes or smaller add-on sets with a pair of shoes and a couple small accent pieces?  It'd be a lovely way to offer some fashions that aren't doll specific, a mix and match line of basics in little 'cheap thrill' size packets.


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