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OK, I'll ask a question that starts like the title of this game and then then next person answers it, serious or not.  Then he or she has to ask a "What Would Happen If...?" question and the next person answers it.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  I'll start...


What would happen if Ghoulia could actually talk?

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She'd tell Cleo to stop bossing her around. :3


What would happen if your sneakers ran away?

Then I'd have to buy new ones and implant tracers on them so I'll know where they'll run to if they do so.


What would happen if if a face you made really did stick that way?

 Then unicorns would lick you! (Weurd right?) 
 What would happen if Draculaura was a carnivore?

The world would be out of meat

What would happen if a Llama tried to eat all of your chicken?

Then you can't have dinosaur chicken nuggets.:)

 What would happen if your mom bought you an ugly sweater and made you wear it?
Then I'd buy her TWO for revenge.

What would happen if if my feet were hands and hands were feet?


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