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so we've had Fairy Tales, Super Heroes and a Candy themed line. What do you think they should do next? Id like a steampunk line, which would definitly include Robecca. Another idea is a Goddess line where the ghouls dress up as their favorite Greek godesses. I want to see Ghoulia as Athena with her pet owl! :)



Draculaura- Aphrodite

Venus- Demeter

cant think of a forth one. :(

oh ok just thought of a forth one, Operetta as one of the muses!

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would love to see the parents of the ghouls as dolls.

Me too. That would be fun.  I hope they'd use the Universal classics as the models.


Venus and Aphrodite are the same goddess. One Greek, one Roman. Shouldn't Venus be Aphrodite?

well yeah, but I was thinking of Venus as Demeter b/c of the Earth/nature goddess thing. And Draculaura kinda fits Aphrodite b/c of her associatiation with love and hearts etc...

You're dead on with a Ghoulia though. She was the goddess of wisdom and that suits her perfectly. Minerva is her Roman equivalent and that is why it is Professor McGonagal's first name. We named our puppy for her. 


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