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What/who are you most looking forward to from Scaris City of Fright??

So it looks like Scaris City of Fright is gonna be a really line....full of characters and goodies...Everyone has pretty much seen I was just curious what everyone was looking forward to the most....I think im most looking forward to Skelita Calaverous...I love everything about when i show her to friends, everyone thinks she looks really cool and cant wait for me to get her so they can see her. Im also looking forward to Deuce....only because we dont get very many guys.

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Mainly just Rochelle and Ghoulia.

 Skelita, jinafire, and clawdeen have really pretty dolls. I'm also looking forward to a new Rochelle and the special.

Deuce, so my daughter can finally have a boy doll.
Clawdeen for me definitely, Rochelle is my daughter's fav.....we both like Jinafire.

The others we will wait to see in person. I think she'll want Frankie too.
Who the howl is jinafire?

I'm looking forward to a new Ghoulia and Abbey but otherwise I'm not terribly interested in this line. None of the new characters strikes my fancy enough to buy.

I don't don't know if Abbey's bed is in it, that would be one, Jinafire and the Clawdeen.

I second that, I would love to have more characters just because its such an awesome line but its going to be bad for my wallet as it is. XD

Triumvirate: Wun, Tou, & Thrii said:

I would have liked seeing Spectra in this line too. I do like her upcoming Polterghoul look, but just because I like superheroes. Mostly I'd just like to see her in more regular lines, though. I'm more into everyday looks than theme looks. I think this Scaris line is an awesome combination of theme and everyday look.  So, any and all characters I think would look great in this line. Even though they've already put ten characters in this line, I wouldn't mind seeing even more (though my Monster High budget would disagree).
Spectra Chantilly said:

I wish Spectra and Operetta were also part of this collection.


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