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What/who are you most looking forward to from Scaris City of Fright??

So it looks like Scaris City of Fright is gonna be a really line....full of characters and goodies...Everyone has pretty much seen I was just curious what everyone was looking forward to the most....I think im most looking forward to Skelita Calaverous...I love everything about when i show her to friends, everyone thinks she looks really cool and cant wait for me to get her so they can see her. Im also looking forward to Deuce....only because we dont get very many guys.

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Deuce and Skelita (but especially Deuce).

skellita and jinafire (jinafire a tiny bit more) ill get catrine but im kinda over this wercat thing now!

Catrine is so much cuter than the other cats, imo. =D

I'll definitely be getting Catrine, Rochelle, and maybe Deuce since I don't actually have a guy yet. Past that I haven't decided yet.

weird wolf said:

skellita and jinafire (jinafire a tiny bit more) ill get catrine but im kinda over this wercat thing now!

Skelita and JinaFire. Mostly JinaFire

the same for me...supposing this dolls line is hitting the shelves in Italy too, because I do not want to spend a fortune on these new dolls on ebay..:-)

Victoria Niccals said:

Jinafire, Skelita and Catrine- I only collect one version of each character ;)

Definitely Deuce Gorgon (surprise, surprise). I didn't even know he was getting a new doll until yesterday!

I'll definitely be picking up at least Jinafire and maybe Catrine. Also quite possibly Abbey... it's easier for me to buy the "budget" dolls without feeling like I'm spending too much on this hobby.

Im really looking forward to Catrine, probably the most of all but I love Jinafire and Skelita and I definatly want the new Deuce. Honestly I'm way addicted to these dolls and I like all of them and will most likely be purchasing each one XD Two of Skelita because I have a custom I'm going to use her for lol

Mostly just Jinafire! Since I am trying to not let my collection grow much larger, I will probably only buy her.

Jinafire, Skelita, and Catrine! New characters are always pretty exciting (I think) and a Chinese Dragon/Long character is such a cool idea! But part of me really wishes they would release the doll versions of the Background characters already in the cartoon before they release more brand-new here-to-fore unseen/unknown doll characters :/

And it is really cool too that Rochelle is getting another doll. She's pretty and I'm glad they are diversifying the line more.

Definately Caterine!! I saw her promo image and it blew me away!!

Deuce Gorgon!!

The new Rochelle is my top pick, she is so adorable :)  I definitely want Skelita and Jinafire too.


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