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What was the last movie that you saw, and what did you think of it?


What was the last movie that you saw, and what did you think of it?

The last movie that I saw was "Darby O'Gill and the Little People" (Live-Action Disney, 1959); I ordered it, because I hadn't seen it in years, and because my background is partially Irish. I remember having liked it as a kid, and I thought that I'd like it this time around, but a few aspects of it left an extremely bitter and tragic taste in my mouth!

I liked the humor, and, to some degree, the main character, the main love interest, and the leprechaun. At first, I liked the heroine, but I gradually came do dislike her a lot, because I am not the same kid who could take the Misandrist angle of this movie lightly.

When the heroine insisted upon hating her love interest, even after he basically explained himself, and when she then slapped him across the face, I really, really couldn't like her anymore, because, due to the danger that she was put into after that, she never had to be punished for her actions (by anyone except herself), and she didn't even have to apologize to her love interest; I was left to imagine that he was just going to accept his girlfriend's penchant for physical violence as a cute fact of life! They both "rode off into the sunset," and I was, like, "We're not even going to really, really address what she did to him after he explained that he was on her side?" The only thing that he didn't tell her was that he'd had a gag order, but he was the man who'd been on her side, and honest, since Day 1, and he was the guy that she decided to take a whack at! Congrats, Disney! You successfully took the stereotype of the violent, angry, drunken Irish man, and you placed it upon the Irish woman! Thanks!

Then again, maybe my reaction is just a sign of me being me. Whenever I see even Wonder Woman being violent, I can't stand it, and as soon as the woman in "Passengers" bared her claws, so to speak, I hated both the man and her!

I think that even after years of watching as women are celebrated for being physically violent, it's still jarring to see the reality of that which is supposedly "good". ICK!

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 

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The last movie I saw was Hotel Artemis. It was kinda a John Wick feel but with a slower pace. Loved Jodie Foster in it. But I do love your old movie watching The Whispering Wolf ,so my second to last movie was actually 1959 Gidget with Sandra Dee. Haven't seen it in years. As lovely and quirky as I remembered it.

Spiderman far from home. Great movie, but the power went out mid movie! When the power came back on, the sound was playing and the screen wasn't! We had to leave the theater while they fixed the problem so we wouldn't get any spoilers!

Spiderman far from home was great.


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