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What type of ghoul would you like to see added to the Monster High line?

Hi there,

I'm sure all of you are filled with brilliant ideas as to what would make a great addition to the Monster High line and I'm curious to see some of those ideas.

I would personally love to see Werewolves in different colors (like the Werecats - they have at least 4 different colors: white - Catrine DeMew, black - Catty Noir, orange - Toralei, gray - Purrsephone and Meowlody). Currently all wolves have a brown color, but they could make some which are not siblings with Clawdeen, and they could have white/grey/black wolves.

I would totally ship the idea of Howleen having a crush on a wolf pup from another pack and her older brother Clawd being over protective and whatnot. And of course the new wolf would have at least one if not both floppy ears. They're just so adorable.

And of course other creatures would include a phoenix (I don't know how they could make it but they've managed to pleasantly surprise me so far), a male centaur (hell yeah!), centaur kids (because why not?).

Speaking of families, I would love to see Monster High Kids dolls (and even babies would be super cute).

Then they would have to make parents too (which would be great in my opinion).

I honestly can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Any ideas?

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I've waaaay to many ideas to list!
I think adding a male skeleton would be nice


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