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so I have $130 to spend what mh doll should i get?So next year im going shopping.I live in Australia so we dont have heaps of new dolls out yet. Here r some ideas

-classroom lagoona(out in jan)

- classroom frankie

-classroom ghoulia

-room to howl


-sweet 12600 ula d

-sweet 1600 clawdeen

-sweet 1600 frankie

-sweet 1600 clawd

-ss lagoona

-ss ghoulia

-ss gill

-ss abbey

-create a monster kits(when ether it comes out)

or what elese

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If I were you I would splurge and get a SDCC Black & White Frankie or Dead Fast Ghoulia off of Ebay or I would buy a really amazing custom...but if you don't want to spend that much money I would get any of the SS set, they are really cool in person (especially Gil)!

Happy Howlidays!

If you haven't got Toralei or Spectra yet, I would recommend them.  Not having any favorite characters, both my daughter and I were most impressed with the artistry of those two.

C.A Cupid ;)

Are the classroom dolls coming to Australia?

Which one is your favourite character? Or, if you already have your favourite character in doll form, buy him/her a friend :) I.e. if your favourite character is Frankie, buy an Abbey to be best friends with her :)

i think you have done the numbers wrong on sweet 1600.


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