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What to do if you are a NEW MEMBER **Read before doing ANYTHING on!**

If you are a older member, there is no need to read this post. However, if you are a New Member (As in, if you joined recently) then you really need to read this.

First of all, Welcome to Monster High! I am very glad that you decided to join us! I will help you through everything you need to know about us. If you have any questions, just inbox me or find another Moderator (I will explain what those are soon) or Stu, who created this website.

So. If you are new. Before you do ANYTHING... Read The Rules! That means before Chatting, Posting a picture, doing a blog post, etc. I will not link all of them, but I will tell you how to find them. So right now you are in the FORUM section of Monster High On the forum, there are many categories. To find the rules, click on the "Rules, News, and Guidelines" section. There, you will find ALL the rules ever posted by the Moderators/Admins. Since you are reading this, you are in the "Rules, News, and Guidelines" category right now. Most of the rules are featured, so you can see them at the very top of the forum sometimes.

Secondly, know who is in charge. On this website, we have people called "Moderators", also known as "MODS". These are people that help the site creator (Stu Carter) run this website. It is stated very clearly in almost all of the rules that you are to obey a moderator and learn from your mistakes. The Moderator LIST can be found on the front page if you scroll down enough, and on the forums.

Please, don't ask how to become a moderator. If you are new, right now you have no chance of becoming one. Plus, you don't just BECOME one. Stu PICKS you.

On a less important note, though I thought I needed to mention it, is getting a good NAME. I can agree that some members on here don't have a very unique name. Examples of un unique names are: "Monster High Fan" "Frankie Stein" "Member", etc. Be creative!! If you can search your name in the members list and more than 1 members come up, your name isn't exactly unique. Unless, however, somebody is impersonating you. THAT is a different story.

I recommend refering to the rules often. We all need refreshers, so check it if your memory is getting rusty. I know that I check the rules about 4 or 5 times a month. Why not bookmark them so they are just a click away?

If you have ANY questions at all about the website or the rules, etc, contact me or another moderator. We are all glad to help when we can. Also take note to report any rule-breaking behavior via PC or Private Message (Which is the inbox) to a Moderator as soon as possible with a link or screenshot of what happened.

Thank you for joining Monster High, and I hope you have a wonderful, safe experience.

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Thanks for posting this and inviting new members in :)

I am an old member, and I still read this. I think that we should have made a topic like this a long time ago.

Also, I totally agree with the names part. We have too many "MH Fans" and "Frankie Stein/ Cleo de Nile/ Deuce Gorgon"-s already.

tnx :)

they suspended me from chat grrrrr


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