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What series 3 hairdorables do you want to get? What are your must haves? I really wanted shimmer Rayne and I finally got her! I also got a Dee Dee that I'm in love with! I'm hoping find some Noah dolls. What about you guys?

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She is super cute the ever after high body suits her quite well. 

Thanks !  <3

Oh! Dragon Games Hairdorable! Totally unexpected. One question for you NAC, what do you do with all the heads?! lol

She is cute. I only have one hairdorable so far. I don't even know all their names! I don't really collect them but they are very cute. I can't collect everything, impossible!

Thanks! I store all of the heads in my art studio. I use some of them at one point or another for projects. lol there are so many dolls to collect! I feel that it is impossible too!

Acoustic Harmony, Sleepin Willow, Willow Flower, Kozy Kali, Kampin Kali, Boppin Brit and Shine Bright Neila I wouldn't mind that Rayne and Rayne Coat.

Hmm there are so many cute ones I guess I'd like if I could find them rayne shine, Dee Dee dots,sweet style Skylar, sleeping willow, night out nelia, kozy Kali,bejeweled Bella, sensational Skylar, pool side willow, rayne coat, sushi Skylar.

I already have a bunch, but I really want Willow, Bella and Noah dolls. I don't have any. I really want Sweet Dreams Deedee and acoustic Harmony

Hello, not a cat,

I love that rainbow-haired doll, but the one that I want most is Kat.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

I'm glad you like her! I have two Kats. mountain Kat has so many braids! She has a ton on the back of her hair too. And then I have her.


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