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I feel like Sawyer Cat from "Cat's Don't Dance" for asking this....LOL!....but....

What's your secret career dream?

Ever since I was at least a teen, I've been dreaming about voicing a Disney princess / heroine in an animated movie! A long time ago (pre-2010), I made up my own "Disney" version of "Rapunzel" (In my rendition of the story, the Mother Gothel-type character was young and beautiful, but "Punzel" had never even heard of what men were before she met the prince).

For years, I've also been playing around with my own "Disney" renditions of stories like "Rumpelstiltskin", except that I was raised on the extremely old British version of the story, don't laugh...and I can tell if you're laughing....Just kidding....LOL!...."Tom Tit Tot" (Unfortunately titled, isn't it?), wherein the "Rumpel" character was, to me, an adorable little guy, with whom I sympathized! (I read the story in a Junior Great Books book, which I refuse to give away!). In my version of the story, the heroine would've been the first really full-figured Disney heroine, and, instead of having long, flowing hair, she would've worn her hair in an era-correct Medieval style, with the little ends of the braids sticking up at the top of her head. She would also have been the only Disney princess to adopt a child at the end of the movie. The entire thing would've been a redemption story for the girl and the creature, who would've both been openly greedy and flawed, and a blended family would've rounded out the movie (No "Creature-to-Prince" transformations here!)

I've also been interested in "The Princess and the Pea", because a relative once compared me to said princess when I was really, really troubled, and I was somehow cheered up enough to stop feeling so sad.

I heavily considered "Hansel and Gretel," because I was inspired by Kim Kardashian's Oktoberfest costume one year, and I wanted for her to voice Gretel, and for Katy Perry to voice the villain, because I liked her Oktoberfest costume, too. My version of the story was dark, though, with implications of hostile takeovers....and Gretel having to kill the villain by force! In that story, I played around with weight issues, having Hansel starve down to almost nothing, while Gretel became too obese, all under the bad influence of a very attractive "witch".

Sometimes, I even write song lyrics to go with these stories, because I've always loved a good Disney musical!

VIRTUAL COPYRIGHT, 2019, by Wolfie. Sorry, but I have to.

I sometimes wonder if I shouldn't just finish my stories....and send them to The Disney Company, and / or audition for a voice-over role....I don't know....

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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