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Has anyone else noticed a bunch of cool old dolls coming up on Toys R Us website but every one of them is out of stock? They weren't always there, I check the site frequently. What's the point in putting them up if they don't actually exist?

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it's most likely the price if you find in stores

i work at TRU i'll ask someone

Most likely newer dolls are using the same item number or code this happens at all stores. It's good that they're not marking them in stock and shipping out the wrong items thou now that would be a real problem. I really hope mattel starts using new codes instead of recycling them.

It's almost Christmas. They're running out of dolls in stock to list so everything is coming up OOS. That's normal this time of year. It's the same at Target, Walmart. The closer you get to the 25th the less there is to buy. By Dec 20th the toy section in my local Target/Walmart shelves will be bare and even the TRU will be low on almost everything. All that's left to come up is stuff they don't have anymore...


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