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Maybe I'm being paranoid, but what's with these variants people post up on ebay? You know, the "Abbey in Draculaura's Box!" ones? Are those for real? It seems odd that a factory would make such an error, but then again, I don't manufacture toys... what's the deal with these?

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I would say in the beginning they were legit.  I mean if Mattel can release andDL with 2 left hands, then an occasional misbox is possible.  But now with so many popping up, I'd say 99% of them are fake.  I could easily recreate a "factory error".

A lot of the times scalpers/dishonest collectors will buy newer dolls and put older cheaper dolls in the box and return them. Staff at some stores are so ignorant they accept the return and pit it back on the shelf. I've seen it happen once with my own eyes but my friends have seen it happen multiple times (Sweet 1600 Clawdeen swapped out with a Gloom Beach Clawdeen in different clothes, a Dot Dead three pack where all the dolls were switched out for their skull shores counterparts, etc.).

So I'm willing to bet at least some of these "factory errors" are just heinous return errors. These scalpers may be buying them off the shelves, but it's only because some butt put them back that way. Y'know?

Yeah, pretty much what I figured... Not that I would really buy one, but I was curious what others thought, because they seem a little frequent... I got clawdeens boots that were 2 of the same foot, so I know they do screw up. Do people put them in boxes I wonder? Where is the "HOW IT'S MADE" for dolls?!


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