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What's the scariest doll that's in your house right now, and where is the doll?

The scariest doll that's in the house with me right now is an imitation Revlon doll, circa about 1960, or so. She was an oily, degrading mess way back during the mid-1980s, when my mother showed her to me (Mom's aunt had sprayed the sleep-eyed doll's hair, and it had turned from red to green over the years, giving her an eve scarier look!), and I was so afraid of the dramatic way that my mother highlighted the doll's degraded status that I ran into my room, stood at the window, and screamed bloody murder!

That doll haunted me so much that, throughout my life, I have had nightmares about her, wherein I put her into a trash can, and she re-appears in the house.

At one point, when I was a kid, my mother kind of convinced me to play with the doll, but that didn't last for long!

Then again, my mother was the type who liked to unintentionally scare me! She'd turn a two-faced figurine / doll around when I wasn't looking, and I'd become sad, or afraid, because I was too young to realize that the figures had been made with two faces. She'd also play dead....until I cried in fear. To her, those kinds of antics were humorous! ACK!

Anyway, she got rid of any of my toys that were going bad, but this doll has stayed around for over 30 years.

Right now, she's lying almost right behind me in this computer an open, cardboard box, all wrapped up like a mummy, so that I don't have to see her face. I have a love / hate relationship with that doll, as I believe that all dolls have souls. I can't decide if the current situation is worse than the one wherein she was wrapped up....and lying on the table that's next to the computer desk.

When that doll was first put into the box a day or so ago, I had to convince myself that the new, icky scent that was in the air wasn't that of melting plastic, but that it was all in my mind. The scent eventually went away....sort of. I do not like that scent!

Sometimes, I half expect to walk into any given room....and nearly have a heart attack upon seeing that doll sitting somewhere on a table, or something. She doesn't even have....a name!

The one time that someone around here was really afraid of my dolls was when I set up the final scene from "West Side Story" on my dresser.  ;)

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 

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I have a huge Robbie doll that looks like chucky. He's massive and kinda creepily realistic and spooks everyone out. I use him as a halloween prop.

I don't find any of my dolls scary. That's probably because I mostly buy run-of-the-mill playline dolls.

My mum on the other hand thinks they're all pretty scary! So that kind of balances things out

Probably some of my Bleeding Edge Goths... my mom doesn't like them, lol.

Bleeding Edge Goths was the series that started my doll-collecting, but I think the scariest one in my current collection is a 1:6-scale realistic skeleton action-figure.  He looks good with the Monsters!

My Living Dead Dolls, particularly the girl in the black, I used to keep her under my bed (I'm fearless lol) but now she's on top of a box of chad valley dolls lol, the others I say are more gory than scary scary, though Kreek is kind of both.

I think I would say (not scary but dark) is my first wave Operetta. Although not a doll, my Buffy the Vampire Slayer Gentlemen action figure takes the cake.

I'm not scared, exactly, but I really prefer not to look at my sister's Apple White doll. She's the cheap version, with a painted-on top, and she has this horrible maniac grin. Her eyes are creepy too, just staring dead ahead . . .


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