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So, I could just about pee from the excitement of waiting for the Toy Fair 2018 doll news (Don't worry. I won't, seeing as how I'd rather spend my money on new dolls than on a new computer chair! LOL!) 

Well, anyway, I'm especially excited to see what this new year has in store for the Project Mc2 doll line. There haven't been any new "Project Mc2" Netflix episodes since last November, and, no, I don't even get Netflix, so I haven't seen a solitary episode of the show.  :(

I'm curious to know if anybody has heard anything, because there seems to be a serious shortage of the one doll that I want (I have the very first Camryn doll....the one with the skateboard); she's the Lemon Soap Adrienne, but nobody except Kmart seems to have her right now, and they only have 1 example of her, and her face, although sweet, leaves a little to be desired, because of eye issues.

I could try calling the larger TRU store, but everywhere else that I have called doesn't have her, and the new toy shipment doesn't hit Kmart until tomorrow, but I think that the frustrating fact is that a lot of stores are requesting only one of each character per shipment, in case some of the dolls don't sell so well, so that, if I let this one Adrienne go, I might have to wait for another shipment, only to maybe see another example that I didn't like....if these latest experiment dolls even ship out anymore!  : O

If nobody besides Kmart seems to have any more of these latest experiment dolls, that can only mean one of two things:

1.) These exact dolls are selling really well

2.) These exact dolls are selling really well, but there may not be any new MC2 dolls for 2018! The line has, after all, been around since 2015.

What do you think, and have you heard anything new?

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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I am not entirely sure if the line is going to continue, here in the UK they don;t seem to promote the dolls enough, they advertise all the gadgets a lot though like the spy handbag and Addison journal plus we didn't get every wave of dolls, we didn't properly get wave 2 or the formal wear line and even the last line was a bit sparse. 

as for the series on Netflix I don't think they are going to be making anymore which is a darn shame because it was really entertaining and a lot of fun. 

they could still make the dolls without a series that has been done before but I don't really know how well they have been selling. 

character wise it would have been nice to see more characters from the series and more new characters, especially some boys like Kyle or the Prince, it would also be nice to see Mckeyla's sister.  

Hello, 1Dlover,

I agree, although I know so little about either the series or the characters that I didn't even realize that McKeyla had a sister!  : O

I looked everything up on Wikipedia, but I was sort of scanning the information, as I only wanted to describe the main characters in an e-mail message.

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

As much as I love this line, I think we'd be lucky to see those outfits from the final episodes of part 6, and then that's it (and I don't even think we'll be getting those). It's sad because there are so many outfits that should have been made, even as fashion packs or additionals. It's also a shame there was only one deluxe Devon, and I would have loved to see a Maddy doll too. 

The last episode felt like a proper finale, so I doubt there will be more episodes. I don't think it's necessarily because it's flopping (the show got an Emmy nomination) but it feels like a natural conclusion. The actresses are getting older and they won't be able to play high schoolers forever. 

I'm still waiting on some Project Mc2 dolls to complete my collection, but I doubt we'll be seeing more of them after this, which is a shame because they've been my favourite dolls recently. It wouldn't surprise me if MGA continued the 'gadget' side of the line but just dropped the dolls, which again would be a huge shame. Nothing's appeared on Taobao regarding new dolls (that's where the last wave was leaked) so it's getting more unlikely by the day. 

What days does Toy Fair take place this year? I'm waiting to see what's shown for Barbie, Bratz (If they show since they are coming back), Monster High & Ever After High (If they arent ending) and Project Mc2. I also am excited to see whats to come for Descendants and a few other lines plus new doll lines. 

February 17 - February 20

Hello, C,

I thought that those were the dates, but I wasn't sure, so thank you so much.  <3

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Don't count on Toy Fair for any news on Project Mc2 (at least on a visual level). MGA has always kept their booth closed and away from the cameras - that's why you see a lot of videos from Mattel's product lines and none from MGA's. The most you'd get is written details, and not much. 

I'm eager to see what Barbie is doing this year. 


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