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I visited a Justice recently and they had a sign out front saying, "we're making some changes". Inside, their clothes seemed to have been narrowed down for tween-age girls and less diverse than before. There were absolutely no Monster High dolls what so ever, and there were significantly less toys than I had previously seen. 

Does this mean no more Monster High dolls there ever? 

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I've only been into Justice three times, and it was never that popular.  I've also heard from people on here and other sites that Justice likes to focus on current things, and with Monster High being a few years old, they probably have something else in mind for their toys.

Or perhaps they're trying to reach tweens instead of little girls and doing a total store overall.  That sounds just as likely, since you said there's a sign saying they're doing some changes.

The past few times I've been to our Justice all they had were the Jinafire swim dolls and absolutely no Ever After High. I gave up going in after seeing the same thing every time I did.

I became friendly with the local Justice store manager here. She told me they won't be carrying any MH or EAH dolls anymore because they're an old toy line now.


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