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So, I just sacrificed my doll paints to my sister's history project.  It's okay.  They were $10 and the paint was iffy, so I am sure I can do better.  So, what paint brands to you use?  Someone I know recommend testors, but I don't think she has worked with MH dolls yet, so I'm asking around here.  Please don't just say "the acrylics in small tubes!".  That's how I ended up with my paints that turned out to be no better than normal craft store paint (even though I found it in the professional paint section).  So, specific brands would be awesome.

Thanks in advanced!

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Testors acrylics are good for a glossy finish in specific colors, but their enamels are not compatible with the materials MH dolls are made out of and will never dry properly.

I use Citadel acrylic model pants.  They changed their formula a few years ago and are not as nice as they used to be, but still give you brilliant colors and good coverage.  They mix well with water as well.

Montana Gold acrylic spray paints are also great and I use them for painting entire dolls (including heads!)

I honestly just use Liquitex Basics, they aren't the best though and Ive been thinking of trying out some model paints myself.


And yeah, testors are a no. I tried those once before and like Draconia said, they never dried properly.

I looked into the Citadel and it looks like I can get a starter set without killing my budget.  Do the colors mix well?

I have also read that people recommend using Golden Fluid Acrylics.  Does anyone have any experience with them?


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