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There's a lot of threads out there on what dolls do you have and what characters should be made into dolls but here's what I want to know:

Out of all the dolls that are out right now, what ones do you want?(No, not Howleen, M&P, Venus McFlytrap or Slow-moe.)

I want Gloom Beach Clawdeen(Can't find her anywhere and i love her rainbowness)


CAM Werewolf&Dragon


Skull Shores Draculaura 

Skull Shores Lagoona

Schools Out Cleo 

and Basic Abbey.

So what ones do you want? Basic Clawdeen to compleate your collection or Nefera so you can take pictures of her and brag about how you got her for only 20$(LOL)? Or do you want Gil so him and Lagoona can be 'reunited'?


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Yeah I'm in California, but my local Kmart has had a "Temporarily out of stock" tag on the DT section for a while now. Hopefully I can catch them if they ever get them back in stock.

Witchbaby said:

Check your local Kmart if you're in the States. My local one had quite a few DT dolls in stock. I almost picked up DT Frankie, and Ghoulia, but decided against it. They weren't on the list of dolls I wanted.

Pearly said:

I started collecting last November, so I missed buying a lot of them in stores. I'd love to have basic Lagoona and Ghoulia, DOTD Ghoulia and I'm still looking for SS Lagoona (only see Ghoulia and Frankie) and DT Frankie (haven't seen any DT dolls since Christmas though).

I want Robecca Steam and Venus Mcfly Trap Ghulia Yelps     

and nefera  and i love this image: 


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