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Hay all, what doll do you really want you cant have yet or cant find, monster high only.
You can list five, mine are below

Holt Hyde: everytime he is cheap he is gone before i buy him and if he has been out in the uk in swim i missed him if not he will probs be out of stock. i want the original look one most!

Bloodgood: Cause she is awesome, i lovr the look and character she is fab.

Cleo gloom beach: she is an awesome cleo i love her swimsuit

Draculaura first wave style: i love the outfit and draculaura is awesome.

Duece: Cause he is awesome and he is the boy doll i like most apart from Holt.

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Dawn of the Dance Lagoona,,, its my Eleanore.
Basic Ghoulia is the one doll I just have to have but will not get NIB ever! With a average of a $200 price tag it looks like a rebuild will be required.

Lets see here. From the originals, with pets, I'd like Spectra, Operetta, Toralei, Rochelle, and any of the boys.

I need to get Headmistress Bloodgood, because, well, she has a horse! And a purple coat!

I'd like the Operetta that comes with the Diener. And I'd like the Haunt the Casbah with Spectra.

Oh, and the Ghouls Night Out Spectra and the 4 pack, particularly Venus and Ghoulia in that set.

Most of all though, I want the Abbey ragdoll! Why can't they re-release those?! ='(

  1. Ghoulia! :( Original, complete, ghoulia. One day...
  2. I'd also like the SDCC one for multiple reasons. One day I hope I can get to SDCC or NYCC, usually I only go to local 'cons.
  3. Lagoona, oh how I'd love her complete. I got one pretty cheap from eBay but to complete her outfit and pet will cost me.
  4. Jackson. Not because I think he's a very cute doll. Because I totally don't. But because he is so danged elusive. I'm glad there's going to be a 2-pack with him soon.

1. Holt Hyde. Either basic or swimsuit, but preferably swimsuit because as expensive as it is on ($89), at least it isn't as hideously expensive as the basic (FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS)

2. Heath Burns.

3. Gil Webber.

I want:

DotD Frankie
Jane Boolittle
Basic Torilei
Basic Robecca Steam

Can't wait for the new ones! I probably won't be able to afford the older ones. :(


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