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Mine is Freak du Chic and bloom and Gloom.

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Freak Du Chic, Haunted, Ghouls Rule.

Frights, Camera, Action!


13 Wishes

Dead Tired

I Love Fashion

Picture Day

I love I heart Fashions.

I heart shoes were great wish they would of made more.

Classrooms was wonderful wish I collecting when those came out I would gotten more.

Killer style

School's Out


Fright Camera Action

Freak Du Chic

13 wishes


Dot Dead Gorgeous

Gloom & Bloom

Dead Tired is my favorite.  I think their pajamas and the slumber party accessories that come with them are really cute.  I love the sleep masks. 

As for more glamorous outfits I like the 13 Wishes-Haunt the Casbah outfits.


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