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What is your absolute favorite MH doll of all time (not character in general) Specific Doll from what line and why

It was an terribly difficult decision for me, but I have to choose:

Wave One Spectra. She is just so elegant end ethereal.

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Mine is first wave Spectra as well :) I love how she looks older and more womanly than the rest. And the texture of her hair is awesome.

The second wave is nice too, but she looks more youthful there - it doesn't have the edge the first one had. And the reddish eyeshadow and lipstick in the DDG version don't sit well with me, I think she does better with cooler tones.

I think my favourite would be Wave 2 Frankie. She was my first doll, and I like how big her eyes are. When I bought Wave 1 Frankie later on she just did not look right to me because her eyes seemed so small. But I suppose most Frankies now have big eyes too.

I also like her clothes because now when I pair her with Jackson they look like this cute nerdy couple with sweater vests. :3

Basic Ghoulia....I love her hair, her outfit but especially her horn rimmed glasses!! If i had to choose a 2nd it would be Basic Rochelle Goyle...I love her big eyes and the color combination of her reminds me of cotton candy..
If Daughter of Arachne was available...she would be my favorite..the reasons why are numerous...but the #1 reason why is cuz she is one of the most unique dolls ive ever seen!!

I've been sitting here for 20 minutes, looking at this thread....thinking....looking at my collection....thinking more. Picking up various characters and contemplating. Repeating this over and over.

I've come to a conclusion.

They're all my favourite. xD I just can't choose ONE

Wave 1 Spectra. If I had to sell my entire collection minus 1, she'd be the girl I keep. It wouldnt be easy because I love most of my dolls, especially my customs, but something about Spectra just wins me. I don't know if how long I had to hunt for her or the fact that she is the only doll I ever paid more than retail for ($40+ shipping) had anything to do with it, but I have two of her I got on ebay with straight forward eyes and one I found for retail in the store with side-glancing eyes, and the hardest thing would be choosing between them! Of course myh straight forward glancing girl would win though <3


im not a draculaura fan but love her forbittenlove2 pack outfit.

i havent seen venus in the uk yet , but i know she gonna be my all time fave.

and i love love love sdcc ghoulia.


ahhhh but i also really like clawdeens scary tales doll and again im not a clawdeen fan

weird wolf said:


im not a draculaura fan but love her forbittenlove2 pack outfit.

i havent seen venus in the uk yet , but i know she gonna be my all time fave.

and i love love love sdcc ghoulia.


Oh... that's such a difficult question! D:

My favorite doll is probably basic Operetta. I love her scars, tattoos, spiderweb details, and hair. She's really unique and pretty :D

I think I would choose Dawn of the Dance Ghoulia. She's very monster themed, and just so pretty. Her shoes and sparkle tights are to die for. Although, I did switch her red glasses for the red ones that came on fearleading Ghoulia.

Sweet 1600 Frankie is in a very very close second place.

Hmm I would choose mt DT clawdeen. I love her more toned down look and her natural hair with the purple.

Wave 1 Spectra, is my ultimate favorite! <333
She is just so beautiful and I can't stop staring at her. The way her skirt/top matches perfectly with the silver jewelry. AND THOSE BOOTS <33 I'm a huge fan of boots!
And her face is just so gorgeous. It's not a cutesy doll, she is just totally beyond beautiful

But I have close close seconds! Dead Tired Clawdeen, DOTD Clawdeen, Basic Abbey. <33


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