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A couple of weeks ago I won a basic ghoulia off ebay, from UK
paid her £80 (like one hundred euros, but I was fine with it, i always found pricier ones)

the seller advertised her using the picture on the left - first issued english box - which was PERFECT for me because i managed to find the first wave in old italian boxes, and i was planning on getting Ghoulia and Holt first issue also (because i love the rainbow-themed boxes that you get if put the seven of them together)

this is what i got today (right picture)
new issue french/german box
i'm still happy, i got a basic doll i needed, but this screws up my plans, and i'm also a in-box collector so i'm slightly pissed

i really wanted the old box one, it's edgier, i love it more
why the seller don't take actual pictures of what they're selling???

people told me i can open a dispute for a partial refund for incorrect picture but i'm not the kind of guy who likes to start a fight :(

i'm just a little bummed that's all
i was so happy when i won the auction i thought i was getting something i LOVED and now i got something I need but only "like"

sorry if this topic sounds spoiled
but as a collector i found even the slighties mark on the box important, i hope you get it

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Your reaction is completely understandable. In the toy collecting world packaging is a big deal. I wouldn't open a dispute just yet but I would definetly talk to the seller. Maybe they could give you a partial refund since the item was misrepresented. If your going to use a stock photo they should have picked a more accurate one, since in this case the packaging does affect the value. The original first waves in box are generally still worth more than their re-releases in box, even if it's just by a little bit. I'm very non-confrontational too, but I think as long as your polite when talking to the seller I think it's more than okay to bring up the discrepancy. :)

Hmm, yeah thats a bit weird. I know I have purchased from a seller before and the doll I got wasnt the exact one in the picture (worse positioning and face-ups ect.) but it does seem strange for them to use a picture of one with an entirely different box. The only thing I can think of is that they didnt have a camera and couldnt find a pic of the updated box. If you really want one with the other box, maybe you could find someone on here to do a trade with. Think that would work better for you than dissputing it sadly :\

I love the old packaging, and if I'd gotten done as you have, I'd also be pretty irritated.

Look the listing over again and see if you can find any tricky wording, then try to talk to the seller.  I'd consider this a pretty gross misrepresentation since there's a difference in value between these two editions of the same doll.  Just mind your manners and see if you can get some satisfaction out of this.

According to ebay rules if you are not using a photo of the actual product then you must make it clear it is a stock photo. You do have a reason to be annoyed. The seller wasn't honest and you didn't get the product you paid for. Contact the seller and if the seller doesn't do something to fix this either contact ebay or give the seller negatove feedback or both. The seller needs to understand what they did was wrong especially in the collecting community.

the seller replied to me that she used a photo from the internet (duh) and in the description it was never written that the doll was the english one, just that one could COLLECT the doll in England (that doesn't explain why she has a french/german one)

She also insisted that in Uk they only got the second (re-edition) box and thus, it should be consider the FIRST, since in Uk they never got the cardboard box.

besides having a feeling the seller is not an english person (slighty wrong english language) I really don't wanna start a dispute with someone who already accused me of being wrong when i know i'm right. I'll keep the doll, leave a positive feedback because i also want one, but gonna write in the comment about the box.

but damn, this is making me mad :/

and yes Abbinormal i'll probably consider trading this for the old box (although, it's probably gonna be cheaper to find a re-release Holt at this point, instead of the 2009 box, this way the line up would still make some sense in my mind)

This was the listing
I hope you can still see it

description was in fact poor and misleading, but i thought i was buying from another collector who knew what he was selling.
My bad.
lesson's learned
ask for pictures even on ebay

btw had a 3 step mail exchange with the seller and he hasn't offered partial refund yet, just return and total refund
i think it's a lost cause at this point

Ugh... don't I know the frustration of receiving something that was different from the photo in the listing!  In my case, it wasn't a Monster High item; I was replacing my Hello Kitty purse.  It was black pleather, shaped like Hello Kitty's head, with a quilted front and round studs where the stitches crisscrossed.  The bow was also outlined with round studs.  I found listings that showed the exact purse that I wanted, but when I placed my order and got the item, what I got was not what I wanted; on the surface, it looked like the same purse, but some of the studs on the front were larger square studs, and the entire knot on the bow was full of studs.  What I wanted was more designer-style, and the purse I got was more punk style.  The really bad part this happened to me twice before I found a listing where the seller had pics that they confirmed that they had taken themselves, of the exact purse that I wanted.

Fortunately, the sellers of the two "wrong" purses refunded my money after I returned the items to them, but it still annoyed me to no end that I was out shipping costs because the sellers were misleading by posting the wrong pic.  Someone else may not have minded that they got a purse that was slightly different from what they wanted, but I did.  So yeah, I understand completely how you feel.

Over her in the US, this is called "bait and switch" and it's aginst the lawe.  Stores used to do that with their ads.  Show a picture of some popular item and when the customer got to the store the item wasn't available, "but this other one is."  Usually something with the regular price or not the popular product.

I completely undertsand your reaction but the seller is wrong the UK did get the 1st edition boxes because they were all over the toys shops and I clearly remember buying Ghoulia and a few others in the original boxes.

Could I ask if it was bwie if it is it's also likely you've been had ! Let me know if it's them first then I tell you a story !
Just went through the responses ! She bids on her own items .. I'm pretty sure I've been watching her items as I wanted to buy one of her dolls but I kept getting outbid. I searched all her items and previous items (sold) MH and her other non MH stuff and same buyer 7***g(6) bids sometimes winning the item and then bids again on the same item when it's been relisted ! There is no feedback from buyer 7***g(6) and there the amount of items they've won does not show staying at 6 .
Yes it's her. Cleo you can give me more private details in private if you want.

Also taking a better look at the box I noticed the name of the character it's not written on the top black flap of the box. Can anyone confirm this? I own a European abbey and spectra from the schools out line and they have names at the top of the box. But everything is signed Mattel 2010 I don't know what to think... is it a fake?


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