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so i start off by saying: what if ______ came to your door? and in the blank space you can add anything to a hot dog to a famous person to...anything! i start off then the next person answers and then they ask the question and so on. have fun! :)

what if rebecca black came to your door?


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I would be like, WTF? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!! and then I would pass out

what if a troll came to your door?

I'd ask them to find me a lover like they did in Frozen!

What if a midget dressed exactly like John Travolta and even SOUNDS like him came up to attack you?

what kind of troll? an internet troll or an actual troll?

if it's an actual troll I would say hello and welcome and would you like a cup of tea?

if it's internet I'd kick them hard

what if 5 Seconds of Summer came to your door?


I'd say "Who the heck are YOU????" Seriously, I have no idea who they are.

What if a zombie Michael Jackson came to your door?

I would do the thriller dance.

what if lady gaga came to your door?

I would be like, "Who the hell are you?"

What if your favorite youtuber came to your door?

i would be like OMG come inside

what if sailormoon come to your door


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