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so i start off by saying: what if ______ came to your door? and in the blank space you can add anything to a hot dog to a famous person to...anything! i start off then the next person answers and then they ask the question and so on. have fun! :)

what if rebecca black came to your door?


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I would hug her and say You are awesome Raven I love you! I watch your show and i had a dream about her last night and you are awesome! and blah blah blah blah whos the best teen titan blah blah blah blah transport me to the monster high world as my oc deveena oh yah shes a devil/demon just like you i love you you raven so much! blah blah blah

What if Starfire came to your door (teen titans)

If Starfire came to my door I would say "ew, shouldn't you be kissing robin or something kthnxbaiii"

What if Harry Styles came to your door.

I would instantly murder him. One less member of One Direction will make me happy.


What if Akaito Shion came to your door?

I'd ask who they were.

What if Apple White came to your door?


What if Harley Quinn of the Batman Franchise came to your door

I would ask who he is and what the monster he is doing at my door.


What if Raven Queen came to your door in Venus' clothes.

I'd probably close the door and hide. I'm not a huge fan of hyper girly-girls. They drive me crazy.


What if Drocell Keinz came to your door, wishing to turn you into a doll?

Firstly (Yes, that's a word.), I would wonder who the shell that is, then... *Googles Drocell Keinz*... Well...  I'd slam the door. (Dear gods... He's creepy...)


What if a creeper came to your door?

(I meant the creepers in Minecraft. XP You probably couldn't do that to them without exploding.)

Probably slap you because I get violent when mad. (Nothing personal.) Then slam the door.

What if SkyDoesMinecraft came to your door? (First thing of the top of my head. XP XP XP XP )

I would help him kill the Squid.


What if ASFJerome came to your door? (Well, we're on the topic of Youtubers XD Why not?)

I'd yell, "FLUFFY!!!!" and hug him and pet him like a dog.


What if I came to your door?

Spectra A. Yelps said:

First I would ask you who you are and what you're doing at my house. Then I'd politely ask you to leave.

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What if me, and every one from Monster high, Ever after high, Novi stars, My little pony,Teenage mutant ninja turtles, Spongebob Squarepants, Adventure time, Regular show, The amazing world of gumball, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa, Ninjago, Gravitate-falls, Sam and Car,  and Ruby Gloom come up to your door?


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