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I actually enjoyed this, and suddenly, I just stopped hearing from that project and it went into the abyss. I can't seem to find any information about it being cancelled on the internet either...

Does anyone have a clue?

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I heard it ended because Japanese viewers preferred the regular webshows to the anime. So it wasn't really successful it was funny at times but it could have been a lot better. Still it would be nice to see it come back. 

Thank you a lot!

At least now I know what to expect!

Were any anime episodes actually made? And where would I be able to find those?

I'm sorry I didn't notice there was another response on my thread ;w;

But yeah, there's been a few episodes made, and you can watch them on the japanese mattel channel right here:

They don't have subtitles, but I know Bunny Senpai on youtube translated a couple of them, and you find these videos with this link:

Thanks, AkaStella10...

Is it just me or do the anime MH characters look like the reboot doll faces? Those eyes...

I guess the Japanese just don't care for the style of Western animation, so it's not enough for them to just translate the existing webisodes. Personally I find the MH anime characters' look just a little too weird for me, even though I love a lot of other anime.

I also wonder why Mattel isn't including the Japanese YouTube channel in its links of Monster High International sites?

I haven't had the chance to watch all the anime episodes yet, but I did like this short video where they made up a Japanese model (Yura, I think...?) as Frankie Stein, then Draculaura... not exact, but a better approximation than the girls in the music videos for Fright Song.

I also found it weird that Mattel didn't include that YouTube channel in its links, especially when they decided to start a new series... This anime always has been some kind of mystery honestly, it was never advertised really much except in the deep corners of some websites like crunchyroll and I didn't even know why they stopped making it suddenly, thus my post

I know they look kinda weird at first, but to me, this was an opportunity to see more adventures with the monster high ghouls along with the original webseries, and I thought they were getting the thing started pretty well :c

And gosh, I didn't see that video, and I absolutely adore their Draculaura. She looks perfect, I love the focus they put on her ears by making them big though, she looks lovely like this <33 But I don't think they actually tried copying the original characters in the Fright Song video, just showing some monsters that reminded us of them.... I hope. :T

(Now to see the liveaction movie they're supposedly making...)


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