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What happened to stand alone playsets? (not talking bout the big school)

So... did mattel drop the stand-alone playsets like they did with fashion packs? the last ones we got in the MH and EAH were the School hangout spots and the beanstalk bakery/glass slipper store... they also scrapped the Haunted playset with spectra... are those not selling anymore? i loved playsets :( too bad (not counting the one with astranova since you can only use it with one doll...) i know we're getting tons of playsets but they all have attached dolls (the circus scaregrounds, the bakery class...) i'm talking about stand alone sets like the MH kitchen or all the beds/showers...

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I loved the little bed sets and vanities - I miss those. I suppose they mustn't have sold very well, or stores won't order them, like the fashion packs.

Why make a stand alone playset no one will buy when you can add a doll with a slight variant and charge 4 times more?

I too miss the small playsets and the fashion packs. :(

The playsets didn't really sell well i found about 4 of them for 5 dollars each they don't go for much on clearance. They are cute and well detailed but i guess the market prefers ones they come with dolls.

This.  They never sell here, not at all.  I've seen sets sit here until they drop to between 3-5 dollars on clearance, three being the lowest I've seen.  If a set comes with a doll, it'll move.  Though we still have one Save Frankie set for $19 on clearance.  If it goes lower, and no one touches it, I'll get it.  

I just dont understand the whole "no additional fashions"!! When I first realized that Mattel was the creator of Monster High....I got really excited because of all of the tons and tons of fashions they produce for Barbie...i thought, for sure they will do the same thing with Monster High...and at first I thought they were....NOPE! If they dont sell as much as they would like, then fine, just dont produce so many..but produce enough to please the fans and the people who want them.

I really liked the bed play sets. I would like for them to bring back fashion packs too.

We need more beds, living room sets and eat in kitchen sets. Sets kids can play with. Oh and closets I have the draculaura locker closet and my daughter loves it. I love the sets with clawdeen bunk beds and draculaura casket beds I never got to see those. But it's true these sets tend to go on clearance. They probably don't sell.

I guess it's because they weren't really selling, but the prices were a little high for my like as was the fashion packs to be completely honest, I did get the Lagoona shower set for about £6 something I think that is the only playset I bought that didn't have a doll with it, I personally don't like to pay a lot if it doesn't have a doll, I did however like the bed sets I always wished I got at least Spectra's bed and Abbey's bed but I also wish I had the DT Abbey to go with it, I also wish I got Cleo's vanity that set has nice pieces, but prices were just to high, the more recent ones like the student lounge and home ick sets were also nice and wish I found them cheap I know they did get cheap but not sure where, the Jane set was cheap too somewhere and as the creepers I think those ones might still be cheap, we didn't even get the deluxe fashion packs over which was a shame, a lot of packs I wish I got like the Spectra one with the scarf but I have her other outfit those outfits weren't as nice but Abbey's is ok with the ice top, but also wish I got Abbey's snowboarding set, Toralei's Fashion pack a few Clawdeen and Operetta, Draculaura newspaper outfit, but I didn't even see any of them plus the prices are way too high for the ones I did see.

I agree the Fashions pack are way too high. The last deluxe ones did come with 2 and half outfits and accessories but there $13 to $14 too much for just clothes. I rather they make more lines like I heart fashion with a doll included not just the accessories lines like I heart shoes or Gore-geous accessories. And the playsets have all gone on clearance as the fashion packs did where am at. I got the last deluxe pks at $3 a piece and the ones before for $2 they were just a single outfit pk. When the playsets go on clearance it's the price I think they should be originally. I too would of loved toralei and abbey pks. Operatta pk was recently spotted at Tuesday morning along with Lagoona. These little alternative stores are great. If you have them in your areas check them out. I love going to them every once in a while. You will find either something you never seem ever or never seem in stores before. You'll find old stuff you never got a chance to buy and you'll find exclusives from stores like target and TRU with the exclusives stickers on too. Stores like Big lots, Ross, tymaxx, DD Discounts, marshalls etc... I'm still hoping to find Haunted rochelle or spectra at these stores this xmas considering the problem they had in distribution with that line. I've seem old stuff that never got to regular stores like walmarts or targets later show up at these stores. They also get overflow of older lines that didn't sell but are still sitting around somewhere and you get them at half the price. Stuff like 2 or even 3 years old sometimes just out of nowhere. I love those little treasures. 


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