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So I was wondering what else everyone collects, if anything and do you have "rules" for your collections?

For me,

*MH and only ones I stumble upon in stores.  No "hunting" allowed.  Must be random, available and probably an impulse buy.

*Occasionally Hello Kitty, but usually HK stuff seems expensive for what it really is, cheap plastic.  Usually I just get the Happy Meal HKs.

*Those String Dolls/Voo Doo/Mummy things you can get from gumball machines or Hot Topic (Rules, preferably from gumball machine and not Hot Topic).  I hang them from my rear view mirror.  So the collection is rlly small.

*Hard cover copies of my favorite books (usually unsuccessful b/c I'm painfully cheap.  Rules, best found at library book sales)

*The fortunes in fortune cookies are taped all over my fridge. just thought i'd add that.

*Pin Up stuff.  Rules; old school and classy, very preferably vintage/original.

*My cats whiskers when I find them on the floor or furniture.  I put them in a metal jar.  Idk why, but have always done it.

*Very small collection of rubber duckys in bathroom.  Can't get any cooler than rubber duckys.   

*And very recently cutting boards.  Rules, must be able to hang on wall.  They look awesome and make me look like i know how to cook.

(Actually had no idea I collected so much. This is how hoarding starts! lol)

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Monster high (current rule: only three of each character. To avoid doll avalanche)

Sindy (only ones I don't already have an example of. Unless they're a charity find at which point, grab all you can and run! lol)

Barbie friends and family from the 90s. Specificially from the 90s and early 2000s. I like that era of Barbie, Fashion Fever, LOADS of Skippers... Barbie had a huge amount of friends and it was awesome.

Strange dolls (like catwalk kitties, what is UP with those? )

Vintage dolls from the 1970s. I love 70s fashion dolls, there's something about them. They have a particular look about them.

Bratz Boyz (one of each character or multiples if the two dolls look nothing alike. MGA did that a LOT!)


Planescape. AD&D had a great setting in Planescape, part medieval fantasy, part philosophy. I adore it and own every book released for it. I am however missing the novels, a few of the faction pins (they're pewter badges and they are AWESOME) and probably some of the magazines that featured a small article on the setting. (I have a fair few though).


Owls. I collect owl figures. Current rule: The owl must be seriously quirky and interesting. No "just because it's an owl" buys. It's gotta be really unique. Again, to avoid avalanche hahah.

Gargoyles action figures - I have most of them. Some of them are great likenesses to the show, others are just terrible. They're really hit and miss but I still like having them.

Art by others featuring my characters. I'm addicted to commissions ok?

strange cuddly toys. I'mn talking plushies where you sit and go "WHY does this exist!???"

My favourite example of "wth?" is my plushie puppet plague doctor. What the heck were the designers thinking? it's really cute till you realise what it IS! hahahah.

Plushie must make myself and/or husband go "what!?? WHYYYY????" to qualify. Or just make me giggle uncontrollably.

I collect a lot of stuff heh. I like having stuff around me ok?


Lost and lots of Transformers.

Preferably from the Animated continuity, but if I like a certain toy, I'm not picky. My pride piece is a Japanese Optimus Prime Docking station, which is basically a G1 Optimus Prime whose trailer has been modified to be a docking station.

Yeah, I never waste time to brag about it.

I also have quite an amount of Winx Dolls and a few Tekken Dolls. (No, not action figures, DOLLS. They're as big as my other dolls, they have actual clothes. That counts as dolls. Heck, Deuce is wearing Bryan's shoes.)

I'm a My Little Pony collector, it's what brought me to Monster High :D Started off as a "brony" (fan of the internet sensation, the newest generation) and bought the new toys. Now though I'm far more interested in the first generation, from the 80's...Reminds me of the few ponies I had when I was a kid.

* Monster High Dolls

* Harajuku Lovers bags. I will not pay full price for these. I find them at Ross or T.J.Maxx at more than half the original price. I also have Harajuku Lovers shoes, jewelry, and I LOVE the original G perfume and the original Music perfume. I'm lucky enough to find them for fairly cheap on eBay.

*Magic:The Gathering. I've played since beta. I stopped playing after HS and then recently got back into it like a year ago. I frequent my local comic book shops, buy cards, play, etc. I am strictly a casual player. I competed a little when I was younger, but like casual play much better. Too many rules and regulations with competitive play.

* I have a few Comicon MLPs, but most recently got into the Bling Bag MLPs. I don't like the molds of the new MLPs as much, but I did find an amazing Lune and Celestia two pack that I had to have. Target exclusive.

* I love books. I have all hardback, first editions of my favorite authors, and most of them are signed. A good friend of mine gave me her old Kindle. Now I just get books for free since I'm on her account. I will still buy the books of my fav authors when they come out though.

* I'm a clothesaholic. Especially dresses, hats, and hair accessories.

* Also a Bath & Body Works-aholic. 

To the amazing collector who collects Gargoyle figures. I have Lexington, and I worked with Keith David (voice of Goliath) in a show. I was the Asst. to Prod. Art. Dir. for the theatre company. I also ran lines with the actors. David propositioned me in an elevator and tried to make me stay in his apartment for the night. I politely declined. Lol. Great guy, though. I also drove him around DE and we sang Neil Diamond together in the car. Good memories with that man. A lot of fun. 

To the person who likes stuff: ME TOO. <3 I hear you! I have plushies all over the place! Lol.

  • Monster High
  • Books
  • MLP Blind Bags
  • Music Memrobilia
  • Cat Whiskers (We do it to!)
  • Despicable Me Minions (plushes, figures, anything)
  • Band T-Shirts
  • (Coming Soon) Living Dead Dolls (I don't have any yet but I plan on buying Absynth soon.)

I don't really collect MH; just get as I go.


Alothough....I DO have all the currant Harry Potter LEGO sets.  (Minus a little baby one)  What I wouldn't give for some of the older ones, though.... >_>

I collect: 

Monster High- (Lol, this is super obvious) Mostly Ula-Ds because I love her Victorian-lolita-vampire thing she has got going on. Aside from her, I'm interested in the new Spectra and Rochelle coming out, oh and I have Clawd's basic 'cause I like the colors of his basic (dodges stones). 

Barbie- General rule, only Teresas are collected by me. I also like only the girls who do "not-girly" things, like Barbie and the Three Musketeers. I have a few My Scene dolls too, like Chelsea and Nolee, but no more than them. The doll also has to have a unique, clean hairstyle, a pretty but different dress. I'm into the Irish girl from the Barbie Around the World series, she's really pretty and my fam has a bit of Irish on my grandad's side, so gonna get her if I ever see her. 

Movies- Yes, I collect animated DVDs. Mostly this is Disney's old-school stuff, but also things like Fox's old films and Tangled, plus the Brave film that's coming out. 

Novels- I have a ton of these, both modern series, historical fiction, or classical lit, they're in my collection. I love real books, the smell of paper and the feel of turning a page are just too epic for words. Plus, I am going to get published in the future, hopefully the near future. XD

Artbooks- Love these things, though I only have two (one for Tangled, one for Vampire Knight), but I love seeing how artists work and how concepts develop into current characters. 

-Monster High



-Lego "Friends"

-Strawberry Shortcake

-My Little Freaking Pony! (Latest HUGE Obsession)

-Living Dead Dolls

-Bleeding Edge (BeGoths)

-Baby Stella

-American Girl

and any other miscellaneous dolls.



and eraserz

catwalk kitties, freak me out! lol

cat whiskers!

eraserz! lol i used to do that

harajuku bags!  i always spend half an hour eye balling them but never buy.

and wine bottles!, of course.  i have either dried flowers, bamboo stalks or candles in mine.  i look like an alcoholic :p

Dolls :
Disney v.I.p.
Monster high
Smurf plushies
Adventure time (still raising money)
Lalaloopsy littles

Rules :
Disney VIP- keep in a box so no one is tempted to touch them
Mh- not allowing ANYONE to touch them
Smurf,adventure time and lalaloopsy are the same as Disney vip

-monster high stuff


NO RULES! Just only 1 of the everything.


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