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I have been going by, calling , and checking there websites (walmart, Kmart, Toys r us, Target) and still everything is sold out.  What does it takes to get monster high dolls online?  Do I have to stay up late just to watch the internet sites?

I'm so exhausted by doing this!!!!

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I have to agree E bay's prices are crazy...I wont even buy from there..unless I am desperate..

Don't buy on eBay. If you buy them for those prices, they'll increase the prices higher. That's how Abbey ended up being 100$ at one point: People would pay it!

Chzypoof2 said:

I have to agree E bay's prices are crazy...I wont even buy from there..unless I am desperate..

Mattel DID increase the output. This current wave of basic dolls (wave 7), skull shores, Dead Tired, and SS Frankie is the most product I've seen in the stores since the beginning of the line. SS Frankie I could have got @ three different stores and I saw 3 full cases of the Rochelle wave on the shelves at Wal-Mart the day after Easter. Here's a eBay situation: I was watching the preorders for Jackson and Rochelle They were hovering around the $60-$70. Then the dolls hit the stores, hit the stores some more, and again....hit the stores. Scalpers and collectors turned that price point to a $30-$40. That's a great price I think when you consider all the time and gas wasted on going from store to store. You might score one at retail but it turns out to be about the same price paid. Buy them at TRU and you probably pay more than eBay (lol). Check eBay and do a search for both of those dolls. Hundreds of each up for sale now. There is no shortage, just people (flippers and collectors) clearing the shelves. You may scream scalpers but collectors clear em' out to trade or one to open and one to store. Then there's the parents that need two. Point? Everyone is gonna grab these when seen on the shelves, no matter the purpose, and eBay can be reasonable, it's just tiresome going through that haystack to find that needle. I think Mattel lately has been doing a great job. Shoot, I was able to see Sweet 1600 hit the Wal-Marts last week.

BTW, shimmerree, if you need that Cupid I'll have an extra one in a week or two. Trading with some friends across the pond and one was for a Cupid. If you can wait a bit, it's yours. Just LMK.


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