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Make no mistake, I'm crazy about Monster High, but I must admit there are things about it that get on my nerves.  What do you dislike about M.H. (if anything!)?

Mine are:

1. Some of the names, particularly of the main characters.  If more than five minutes' thought went into these, I'll be surprised (and no prizes for guessing the parentage of these ghouls): Frankie Stein; Cleo de Nile; Draculaura; Abbey Bominable.

Good names include: Ghoulia Yelps; Spectra Vondergeist; Rochelle Goyle; Toralei Stripe; Lagoona Blue.

2.  So!  Much!  Merchandise!

3.  Excessive amounts of pink (and pastels), despite the packaging being mainly black (which really makes it stand out amid soppier doll-brands).

4.  Everything about Draculaura.  She's all hearts, ruffles, bows and pink, and she makes me sick.  Also, she has puffy cheeks.  :o}

In good news, though, I've just bought a repaint of her that I actually love!

5.  Some dubious colour-co-ordination: for example, that 'Dawn of the Dance' Cleo with purple make-up, lime-green dress and turquoise shoes; Operetta, who has purple skin but consistently has bright red hair (I've rerooted my one doll of her in black and purple).  Also, I wish Spectra the purple-haired ghost wouldn't wear so much fuchsia.

6.  My issues with 'Cleo de Nile': she purports to be the mummy of a princess and 5,800 years old, which dates her to a time before there was an ancient Egypt, let alone royalty.  She's named after a Greek queen from the first century B.C.E., and of course the ancient Egyptians didn't call their river the 'Nile': they called it 'the River' (Iterru). However, she -- and Nefera -- is still one of the characters I collect, because I love her theme and she has fantastic outfits.

7.  This isn't Mattel's fault, but: the fakes, all of them shameless, ugly or poorly made.  People buy them as collectors' items; I wish they wouldn't.

Over to you!  :D

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1: Pinkification. The general "gotta have pink" on most of the characters even when it makes no damn sense. Particularly Bonita's pinkness which makes her look like a fairytopia doll, Howleen's pink hair and Skelita's sudden pink streaks instead of orange. Does Mattel just really hate the colour orange or something?

2: Boys MUST date a girl, or at least have a crush on a girl because omg it's the only way little girls will buy a boy doll. Bletch. And girls and guys being just friends? HAH, heck no, there's gotta be attraction underneath because heaven forbid platonic relationships with the opposite sex. Thankfully Avea/Bonita/Sirena/Neighthan SO FAR avert this with Avea specifically saying she doesn't find him cute and he's more like a brother. But just you wait, inevitably he'll be paired off with one of them because guys and girls in Mattel's mind cannot just be friends... ever. Didn't draculaura specifically say Clawd was "like a brother" and then date him anyway?

3: Lack of strands with buget and multipack dolls. These dolls won't stand on their own and it's annoying ok? Not a deal breaker, but still a bummer. I have so many now, I kinda NEED those stands to stop them all toppling over eachother.

4: Frankie omg Frankie, she's so beautiful, every boy must love her and she must always be right even when she's wrong and save the day. Eugh. I know she's the main character and all, but DAMN she's annoying. Even when she's wrong she's portrayed as being right really, it's annoying. Like she can do no wrong, never be a bad person, she's always perfect perfection that everyone loves and wants to date. Like.. seriously? No.

5: The massive descrepency between diaries, webisodes and specials. WHY is it so hard Mattel to keep all these things in continuity with one another? Quite soon after launch we ended up with at least 3 difrerent continuities, books, webisodes and diaries all contradicted one another and honestly I can't see any real excuse for the animations and the diaries NOT to be in canon with one another. It always feels like the diary writers are left backfilling plot holes and continuity issues the webisodes bring up and that's just frustrating. Get the webisode writers and specials writers to just read the damn diaries, or at least just give them a cheat sheet of facts so they stop contradicting stuff!

6: The "are they aren't they" situation with Abbey and Heath's relationship and Frankie and Jackson. ARE they dating? What's the situaton here? Why in some media are Abbey and Heath particularly shown as a couple and then next momeny she's flirting with some other guy and they're acting like they've broken up? No explanation, nobody ever mentions it and omg it's annoying.

7: Introducing interesting characters in specials, then pretending they never existed. Claire and Chad for instance were interesting normies, Andy Beast who appears in the background sometimes but otherwise never associates with the main cast eeeever again. Same with in webisodes, Ryder appeared once for a "don't judge disabled people" message then poof, gone. What IS the point? Yet we get total strangers just dropped in willy nilly. "oh yes, more transfer students" really? Seriously? How many transfer students does MH now have? Seems every month or so they get a new kid and it's rather stretching belief. Not enough new characters have been "in the background all along you just never saw them" (like Invisibilly or whatever) it's always "new kid" and that's honestly getting a bit old. It's a big school there's absolutely no reason several characters couldn't have just been there all along. 

And the "hi I have a doll" inclusion of characters in specials and media. FCA was the worst for this, with the new doll characters showing up for only a few minutes to do precisely nothing useful, then all disappeared again so the main cast could deal with the plot without them. You could remove all but Elissabat from that narrative and lose nothing, really you could. They seem to serve one purpose, they show up, say one useful thing and then bam, goodbye, you showed you existed see ya.

and yet characters who get actual development like Andy, they never get dolls. The freaking SCENE TRANSITION that was Catrine.. she got two dolls so far! She has zero personality, she was a scene transition! Why did she get a doll but Garrot, an actual character didn't? It's frustrating and makes no sense for them to just shove stuff in to shell random doll number 5700. At least give the new dolls some purpose, some character development, make people actually want them for a reason beyond "new doll pretty hurrrr."

I mean they knew they were gonna make a Catrine doll, so why on earth wasn't she given any sort of role in Scaris?

Lol, I clearly have many issues. But hey, I still love MH despite these annoyances. I just.. really do wish there was some continuity between animations, specials and diaries. It's so annoying particularlyas they managed to screw that up SO rapidly. I mean, you concieve a line that's going to be multi media, you'd think you'd try really hard to make all that media tie into one another. It just seems very lazy and kinda unfair to have the diary writers constantly playing catchup because the webisode or special writers were too lazy to check the crib notes.

Oh yeah, i also seriously dislike the new bios. Oh they look pretty but the removal of several of the elements does make for pretty shallow characters. And the current trend of "what half hearted excuse can we come up with for no pet this time" is getting old fast. And omg the removal of the nice art in favor of a photo of a doll? ew, that's just lame. The art was awesome, photos of random doll looks cruddy imo. And the lack of consistancy in only having SOME of the bios feature a photo instead of art, it's just a mess. And messiness bothers me a great deal.

Thanks for writing such an involved reply, Purple Monkfish!  I'm always impressed by how much you have to say.  :)  I definitely agree with you on the pinkification and the website bios.

Also, I've thought of another thing I dislike:

8.  The Lisi Harrison books!  A horrible stream of selfish cardboard characters drowning in brand-names.  (I've got the first one in hardback if anyone wants it...).

My issues are:

1.) Cleo's hair coloration in her doll and cartoon versions are so very different. She has never been seen in the movies and cartoons with teal highlights.

2.) This is a minor one. Torelei is said to be an only child but the one webisode showed she had siblings as a kitten. One might argue that Torelei is still an only child only because she never was adopted. Same can be said for Snoopy from the comic strip Peanuts where one had him say to himself he was an "only puppy" yet in other TV specials and strips, he had three brothers, Spike being the most famous with him being a main character in Snoopy Gets Married.

3.) CA Cupid was never seen in any of the media except for the one special. I know she was a minor character but they SHOULD have had one 2D cartoon episode involving her radio show at MH.

4.) The doll pics in the bios of some of the ghouls on the offical site. I get that you need to change things around a bit every now and then to keep interest up but don't put actuall pictures of dolls on a site that is drawn in 2D. It just looks weird.

5.) Draculaura's hair in the dolls tend to usually seem a bit drab. I don't mind her having straight hair but most of her dolls have it and it looks so plain. Give it a few waves every now and then. I also never understood why a vampire would want to go to the beach, even WITH extremely potent sunblock.

6.) Count Fabulous is basically a cross dresser due to his owner. I don't mind the pink but does he REALLY need a big frilly bow in his hair or what looks like a dress? If it was a pink bow tie then the pink wouldn't be so bad but I seriously kept thinking he was a GIRL for about two years!

7.) Who is this "Flnn" Operetta keeps mentioning in her doll diaries? Seriously, who is this guy?

8.) Clawdeen mentions that she has "several" siblings in school with her and Clawd but Howleen is the only one we ever see.

Purple_m pretty much covered everything already, but I can never resist a chance to complain so here goes:

1) First and foremost, I hate how the SDCC Exclusives have been brand new characters for the last 3 years. Scarah and Hoodude, Webarella, Iris and Manny. In my opinion, that is clearly a marketing trick. People rush to buy the doll since it's a brand new character, so the Exclusive sells like mad, and then BOOM they also get released again later, and that doll also sells like mad since many people missed out on the Exclusive. Also, there's no "OMG, Mattel is doing us a favour for releasing the doll at all, since that design is so risky!" Then why does the doll get a second release, available to all, later on? No, IMO the "new characters as the SDCC Exclusive" is clearly a marketing trick, and a very mean one at that.

2) The inexplicable pink on many of the new releases. I think it all began with Catrine and Catty, and then went on to Viperine, Gigi, Bonita, Howleen getting permanent pink hair for all her dolls while she had orange in her first release, dominantly pink makeup... especially the new characters, though, and especially Bonita. I honestly hate this. MH is supposed to be a breath of fresh hair from all the pink girly doll lines, but now they're going there too? No, I don't like this.

3) The "every boy and every girl MUST be paired up!" especially if the boy is to get a doll. Heath had to get into an on/ off relationship with Abbey (pretty much an "it's complicated" FB status) for him to get a doll, Invisibilly got shoved into a relationship with Scarah even though he had barely gotten any speaking parts, and Manny also only got a doll after he was also shoved into a rushed relationship with Iris. These last two examples, Invisibilly/ Scarah and Iris/ Manny, irked me to hell. These "relationships" suck and they felt so frivolous, they literally got together in just 2 minutes of a webisode! I know teenagers are supposedly fickle but honestly, MH shouldn't even try to portray "accurate" things like that when the students wear heels 24/7 and impossible outfits. It's an over the top franchise, not one that accurately portrays teenage life, and it shouldn't try to.

4) How Draculaura treats Clawd. Practically the only time their relationship was healthy was the Friday Night Frights special, otherwise Clawd is just Draculaura's puppy that there to be her accessory. It's not cute, it's just... not cool.

5) The inexplicable choices for some lines. Spectra as the DJ in 13 Wishes? No Operetta or Holt in Music Festival? Abbey in EVERY line? Clawdeen for Coffin Bean? Holt, Rochelle, Frankie for a swim line? I don't get it.

6) The distribution of boy dolls. It happened with Gil, it happened with Swim Holt, it happened with Slo Mo, now Invisibilly is getting left out of cases (for example, the cases that my country is getting) Why are there even cases that are missing a doll of the line?? And why does it always have to be the boys, who are also packed as one-per-case??

7) The stupid excuses for characters not getting pets lately. To me, the pets are an important part to the character, and leaving them out with a stupid excuse when everyone had one in the beginning is also not cool. Just take off the "pet" part of the bio completely instead of stupid excuses.

These are my complaints off the top of my head, there's certainly more but, like I said, Purple covered it all anyway, such as my dislike for the new, ugly bios.

Victoria made more excellent points!

I totally agree about how mean spirited the sdcc exclusive thing is, it just feels nasty when the primary market is kids.

and clawd/draculaura has ticked me off from day one. That is NOT a healthy equal relationship and I find it honestly rather uncomfortable to watch ( I had a really dominating bf once and he used to dictate how I dressed, how I talked, everything. It really was like I was his accessory. Seeing that kind of thing glamourised in media concerns me. It isn't cute, it's just unpleasent and really degrading.)

Inexplicable lines, yes yes yes!

In relation to Toralei, I was under the impression that webisode about her being in juvie etc was a fabrication, a lie she made up to make her seem tougher. She's at the end saying "purrrfect" when asked if it's ok, which made me think it was a story she was spinning for whatever reason.

I like to imagine she's sorta your standard middle class nothing bad ever happens to me girl who wishes she could be the tough girl of her stories hahah.

Insta romance ALWAYS irritates me. I get the webisodes are very abriged but man, we got a really nice arc for Jackson/Holt and that relationship with Frankie, why haven't we had anything that kind of pace since? That was covered over several webisodes and worked really well, instead it's "I suddenly decided I like this boy/girl...omg now we're dating". I get whiplash from how hasty that is lol.

The last few specials suffer this same pacing issue really. FCA had awful pacing. Lull, lull, nothing happening OMG we have to finish the plot HASTY CONCLUSION TIME!

Awful, really awful.

this is a really *REALLY* personal one:the fandom like 99% of the time.

Anyways,I relly dislike how theres so few boy dolls and merch for adults.

But Mattel is obviously upping their game with male dolls in a slow progress so that's good.

I dislike the speed dating too. Manny and Iris doesn't seem like a good match. I like Scarah and Billy though. Though I thought Billy was gay for some odd reason. I don't even know why! Lol I like that Manny's body is true to the webisodes. Wish Slow moe had the same body.

I still love Monster High. I just bought all 3 of the hybrids and Lagoonafire! What's next!!? :)

Here are some things i don't like

1. Lagoona's leg fins keep falling off maybe detachable knee joints would have been better in the long run.

2. When mattel does silhouettes of characters they are never going to make why do they tease us.

3. How draculaura treats clawd like he's her pet dog not her boyfriend.

4. Ankle joints they're only on the boys so the girls can never wear flats. Plus the boys pants get stuck in the ankle joints

5. Doll prices keep increasing and accessories are decreasing.

6. some dolls have no stands

ahah why DO the boys have articulated ankles? It's not like they'll ever wear heels... unless they're Heath... *eyes him* ok Mattel... give us boy heels NOW.

Maybe you thought Billy was gay because he looks like a "twink?"

Noomi83 said:

I dislike the speed dating too. Manny and Iris doesn't seem like a good match. I like Scarah and Billy though. Though I thought Billy was gay for some odd reason. I don't even know why! Lol I like that Manny's body is true to the webisodes. Wish Slow moe had the same body.

I still love Monster High. I just bought all 3 of the hybrids and Lagoonafire! What's next!!? :)

Rochelle IS the perfect friend for Deuce to not have to wear his shades. I mean how can he hurt her with his eyes if she is stone to begin with. The same goes for Operetta. She is hardly seen interacting with Deuce after the whole love triangle between her, Deuce, and Cleo.

I agree Holt has an irritating voice. It's like Harley Quin from Batman: The Animated Series after she had her mental breakdown and her voice went up two octaves.

I think Heath is secretly gay as the ONLY girls he seemed to have successfully hit on were Gigi (success because she blushed) and Abbey. He tries WAY to hard to be a ladies man and fails quite miserably. I mean even Clay Aiken had more success with women before HE came out of the closet!

Meowlody and Purrsephone NEVER once heard actually talking. You know they ARE able to talk and they have the same listed voice actress but they NEVER speak! You DON'T even hear them meow!

Madison Fear getting a bio page and yet only ONE copy of her doll was made. Also why is she even there? She has NEVER appeared in ANY of the media IF you don't count her real life counterpart singing one of the theme songs.

I never understood why Abbey has a heavy Russian when she comes from the Himalayas and the mountain range doesn't even go through Russia. I get that Russia is usually depicted in the media as being very cold but why choose the Russian accent for someone that truly hails from around the Indian subcontinent?

1. SDCC exclusives being brand new characters!! Seriously, its just mean!

2. Everyone must date--I know I'm not the only one who had friends of the opposite sex in hs & boys as accessories 

3. Lack of letterman jackets for the boys

4. Random newbies instead of characters we've been clamoring for

5. Lack of pets for newly released characters (has anyone had a pet since 13 wishes?)

6. Random line placements


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