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Well, March 9th marked Barbie Millicent Roberts' 60th Birthday! Our famous doll is lookin' good for 60!

What did you do / get on Barbie's Birthday this year?

I went to Wal*Mart! When I had been looking at online sites, I'd been vacillating between the 60th Anniversary Astronaut doll....and the 60th Anniversary Pilot doll, but I couldn't actually find the pilot, and those Astronaut dolls that I was able to reach all had really, really bad, thin hair! Thanks, Mattel! You're swell! LOL!

Sooo....I just grabbed the blonde Doctor Barbie that I had put at the very back of the Doctor Barbie stack! People are right when they say that her dress can be a total hassle to put back onto her again, but she's really, really cute! I only hope that that's not glue that makes her head feel slightly....crunchy....

When I was naming her, I gave her a cool first name, and then....I had a sudden inspiration, and I gave her the last name of "Roberts", so that she's now my original Barbie's cousin!  :)

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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I got the astronaut Barbie, I was tempted by the aa pilot but I already have a pilot so I wasn't as sure, though I might get her still, I'm still trying to find the Kens and the pop star Barbie yet they didn't have her, I also got Two fashionistas, the tall with the green streaks shiny silver sparkly basket ball top who I named Gia, I created this background she's from Brooklyn the bad part and she has this thick forget about it accent haha, she swears obsessively and has connections, she knows a guy haha, not to stereotype or anything lol she just has that look about her and I got the curvy light pink hair with the leopard dress, she's really cute out the box, I didn't much give her name or background yet haha. 

I got them two days before so I waited until Barbie's actual date to un-box the astronaut and post a pic on flickr, but its fitting to have her for the anniversary rather than any others, I'm glad they are in stores though just wish the Kens were. 

Hi, Jesy,

For some annoying reason, the site won't let me reply underneath your reply....I don't think....I'll have to see....

Anyway, congrats!  :) I really love your back-story for Gia. I don't have that doll, but I love her top / dress, and I like the personality that you gave to her. That personality kind of reminds me of the personality that I gave to Wydowna Spider. I don't know if she was ever given a voice by Mattel, but when she arrived at this house with that foam "Bump-It" in her hair (I have since removed the foam, but, still!), I immediately thought of people like Snookie....and Fran Drescher....and even Barbra Streisand, and, thus, her personality was born!  :) She's sort of like The Nanny and Dolly Levi!

I've been getting too many new dolls during recent years, and I am loving them too naming them (LOL!):

Made to Move Skateboarder = Jenna

Chicken Farmer Barbie = Ellie Kate

Shaving Ken = Miguel (Look-Alike for Jackson from "A Star is Born")

Tye-Die Fashionista = Alayn (Sort of like "Elaine", but spelled to sort of resemble the name "Ally" from "A Star is Born")

Pop Star = Katie (Real name, not stage name)

I certainly hope that you were able to find an Astronaut with better hair than the ones that I was finding! I think that part of the reason that I chose the Doctor was because she had blonde hair and blue the Astronaut. LOL!

I wish that there weren't sooo many more dolls that I wanted these days! <Sigh> LOL!

Well, happy doll-hunting!  :)

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Hi Wolfy 

it's ok I think it worked. 

Thanks :) I'm glad you like the backstory and personality, wow it's awesome you gave Wydowna that, I don't think she's ever spoken except for one like in frights camera action though you can't really hear what she's saying, that debate about who's the hotter guy lol, it would have been nice if they gave her more of a personality and background in the show though I think she's in the books, as there is one where she's on the cover. 

I know what you mean, I've got so many that I haven't gotten round to naming all of them but I have named a fair few. 

that's funny cause I named my Skateboarder and Chicken Farmer Barbie too. 

I named the Skateboarder Morgan she's a daredevil 

My Chicken Farmer I named Mae-belle She talks with a strong southern accent, she lives and works on her family farm

I haven't got Shaving Ken yet but hopefully soon, when I get him I'm sure a name will come to me 

I haven't got the Pop Star yet either, I can't seem to find her but I'm sure I'll think of a fun name. 

I love The Star Is Born names, I love that movie so good. 

some of my recent fashionistas I've named are 

Rainbow Bright Naomi 

Curvy afro with orange stripe dress, Sapphire 

Love Polka Dot, Dawn 

Shaved Blonde Amber 

Pink Bun shaved sides Lily. 

just a few I named some I haven't come up with yet. 

Jesy Swift you nailed "Gia"! that's exactly the type of personality i think of every time I see that doll, lol. I'm tempted to get her b/c I love the pale skin with the black hair and green streaks, but I swear I buy like 1-2 barbies every 1-2 weeks and my mom is getting on my case about having too many dolls now and needing to start getting rid of some of the ones I have b/c i'm starting to over do it, lol.

I love that whole farmer theme they have going on now, I got the chicken farmer b/c the doll is that freckled redhead same as an older Fashionista I have that I adore but she has a hard head and I'm worried about future glue leakage so I wanted another one with a soft head. Thank goodness Mattel is no longer using that crap glue. And then I just needed to get the farm vet set to go with her & her cute chickens b/c the whole set is just so darn cute! 

I also got that soccer player guy cuz he's hot, lol. I'll call him Alejandro. :p

Oh God! How many fashionistas do you have?

I don't collect Fashionistas luckily. I have already too many dolls. I have real space issues. It is becoming a problem.

lol I have... a lot! its not just Fashionista dolls though its different dolls in general. I have Fashionistas/Barbie and Disney mostly and the occasional doll line like Enchantimals and Descendants. Before that I was more focused on Monster High and Ever After High but since they went kaput my focus is more back to Disney/Barbie. On top of that I also collect figures... Disney, Harry Potter mystery minis, Schleich/Collecta/Safari ltd animal/dinosaur figures. So yeah storage is becoming a problem for me. I am selling off some of my older stuff on eBay but its not a fast process b/c of having to sort everything out and prepare them for their listings(my mom always keeps asking me if Ive "sold anything today?", I keep telling her they dont sell the minute I list them, she has to be patient! lol!) Im also going through my huge Monster High collection b/c a lot of those dolls have been wrecked by the stupid glue and I plan to sell a lot of the ones I no longer want or sell the bodies and keep the clothes. I hate how many if my MH dolls has been ruined by the glue, my Scaris Catrine and Picture Day Draculaura and Cloe are a mess of glued sticky hair, they basically have no resale value to collectors so I have to sell them nude to customizers (I'm keeping the clothes though, lol.)

lol. It sounds like a lot. Your Mum must be stressed! lol  My dolls are really becoming a stress so I will have to slow down. It is easier without Monster High. I love thrifting and car boot sales so it does not help.

MH is the main doll line in my collection but I also collect Bratz, Project MC2, Moxie Teenz, Diva Starz, mini Lalaloopsies, EAH, 80's/90's Barbies randomly. I have a few Enchantimals and Shoppies too... 2 La Dee Da and a few vintage Strawberry Shortcakes. I have a lot less of these than Monster High, thanks God! But they add up. I am sure I have forgotten some dolls lines. Most of the dolls I collect are discontinued. They are not easy to find and there are not many of them in all, like the Divas or the Moxies. It helps!

I also collect Kid Robot type figures but I stopped adding new ones years ago. It happens extremely rarely, only if I find some in car boot sales.

I started a Disney collection in January because I have found 3 dolls in a boot fair at first. I now have 7! lol They are all from the same person except one I bought in the Disney store. I want to keep this collection small. Oh and I bought 2 on Ebay so it is in fact 9! Not good!

I suppose 2019 is "Disney year" for me. I never used to collect anything Disney before. I had to stop myself bidding on 3 different Merida dolls on Ebay. It worked. There is hope I will keep this Disney crisis in control!!

Luckily, I don't collect fashionistas. lol It is good because there are so many and they are very easy to find.

Yes it is a shame about the bloody Mattel glue. sigh

I should do a clear out and try to sell some of my dolls as well. Easier said than done!

Ive been collecting Disney and Barbie long before Monster High, since the mid 90's! This is gonna be a big Disney doll year for me too with the new Hasbro Wreck it Ralph Comfy Princess dolls(with fully posable bodies!) and Frozen 2 coming up!

I use to have Strawberry Shortcake as a kid in the 80's! I had a whole bunch of the dolls and the playsets, that big strawberry bake shop, the gazebo hut thing, maybe the car. Ive been tempted to buy some of the reproduction doll sets Ive seen on Amazon. Ive already caved with the repro classic My little Ponies, I have like 5 of those, lol! yep Im insane. 8P


Before Monster High, I was "normal"!! lol

I was collecting 80's/90's Barbie dolls and Bratz and a few random dolls here and there. It was perfectly in control and I was collecting moderately.

Then Monster High happened... It was the start of another story...

I love the 80's Strawberry Shortcake dolls. So you don't have these anymore? It is a shame.

I never really liked MLP that much so one less temptation...

Now, I am in a Rapunzel's obsession phase...I think I became insane too! ;-)

I have no idea what happened to my old original Strawberry Shortcake dolls and playsets. Last I remember seeing of them they were in a cardboard box in a shed in the backyard. My dad probably gave them away or dumped them somewhere, lol. Its funny to see all these vintage shortcake dolls now being sold on eBay and reproduced as collectors items. Same with MLP and Care Bears. I used to have all that stuff!

oh yeah Rapunzel, its funny b/c I wasn't that into her when the movie came out, thought she was a bit too generic "Barbie" looking for a Disney Princess. But Im a bit of a princess completist so she ended up winning me over, especially with her cute tv series.  I have a few of her dolls though not as many as for some other princesses I like more like Jasmne, Mulan or Ariel.  I do wish more of her dolls actually had long hair. :P

It is a shame about the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Maybe you still have a few somewhere.

I haven't seen Tangled (but I will eventually). I just like the Rapunzel doll. I find her adorable. Mine has hair going up to her feet. It is long enough for me I think.

My favourite Disney dolls are Merida, Mother Gothel and Rapunzel. Merida is definitely not a Disney Princess. She is a Pixar Princess. lol The rebel of the bunch!

I have found a plush of her horse Angus today in a car boot sale! LOL I think I am definitely becoming totally mad!! lol

Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one who can see it, aww I'm sorry to hear that, downsizing is never easy but eventually I know I'm gonna have downsize some of mine. 

luckily I've started to get more selective with Barbie choosing only ones I like. 

Aww yeah I love farm themed stuff too, I haven't seen the freckled red head but I bet she's cute. 

Oh yeah I saw the soccer player but sadly wasn't able to get him cause I didn't have enough but hopefully I will be able to soon, that's a good name for him :)


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