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If you found Gigi's bottle and were granted 13 wishes, what things would you like to see in Monster High?  Be as unrealistic as you want, they're wishes!

For me and my ghouls it would be:

1- All stores selling MH (including online) would have purchasing limit (somewhere btw 2-4 per item)

2- Re-release SS Gil and/or Basic Gil (yes we know DC Gil is coming, but..)

3- Invisibilly

4- MH pets sold separately or grouped together in packaged sets

5- Bring back the better quality colored stands w/ all dolls


7- Beds for Cleo and Ghoulia

8- More wave 1/basic dolls re-released (Ghoulia and Toralei in particular)

9- Manny

10- Slow-Moe

11- CAM torsos- bring back the old set and bring out ones for the latest CAMs, and sell at all stores

12- Different body types

13- And last but not least... little kid sized versions of the dolls, could be little siblings or cousins, etc (think Kelly or Chelsea size, or maybe Stacie size) would be soooo cute! ♥

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Can you post the pic that was e-mailed to you?

Cancerboy said:

I got a picture mailed to me of a rerelease Lagoona so I think she will come at least, maybe with ghoulia and spectra? Since it was 3 in the first re release basics.

Gaea said:

1. No more exclusives!!! Since you know, I live in Sweden, there are no wallmarts or targets here so we don't get these dolls ): How can mattel seriously let new characters like Catrine be exclusives...  (I can't see why, wouldn't they make more money just selling them everywhere? o.O)

2. Re-release of the rest of the wave one dolls (lagoona, cleo+deuce, ghoulia, holt... and Toralei ofc..)

3. Invisibilly or Andy 

4. I'd really like a Cleo pack with two Anubis-guards :D 

5. Mr. Where

6. More lines like Scarily ever after and Power ghouls, not so fond of all the "budget" dolls.

7. Classic outfits-line, like Cleo in egyptian wear, Frankie in labcoat in real Frankenstein spirit (preferably black/white), draculaura in victorian clothes, Ghoulia in tattered, typical zombie clothes etc etc.. 

8. Some multipacks with the werewolfs that never got dolls (romulus for example)/ same but the vampires (Gory Fangtell, Bram Devein etc)

9. Oddball characters like the Opera-singer, Bartleby Farnum, that little devil boy, some of those tiki things etc (cuz they'd be really awesome/funny unique dolls)

10. Extension on the Scarily ever after line - they could have done so many more, including villains, just picture Abbey as the snow queen ...

11. Demon+Angel (2-pack perhaps, both winged)

12. Unicorn

13. Power ghouls Lagoona and Ghoulia

Trying to save it and put it here. Will try make a print sceen at home later :)

all i really want is a Basic Daughter of Arachne!! I know shes been spotted in one of the Power Ghouls Comic books...and i just pray that 1. she isnt a evil or bad character and 2. the first doll we get of her is NOT in the Power Ghouls collecion...oh and i hope she isnt a Comic Con exclusive like Scarah...i really dont wanna have to pay $150.00

They did it for Barbie (big time), maybe one day it will be done for MH. 

MDNA John said:

10. An occasional line, maybe one a year, that is designed for and marketed to adults exclusively. It doesn't have to be a huge line, just two or three dolls would do. It doesn't take a genius to see that MH has a huge adult fanbase. How about showing them some love?

It is also a terrible idea to reply to a thread that is over a year old and long dead.

MHdolllover said:

im sorry but number 10 is a horrible idea. they are in high school. I think looking in to the future is a bad idea.
BioShocked89 said:

Oh fun question! In no particular order:


2. Invisibilly doll- He may end up being my favorite guy if they ever make him!

3. More dolls in the Power Ghouls line. I hope Cat-Astrophe and Voltrageous won't be the last dolls. I think Clawd would make a fun Superman/"Superwolf" doll!

4. SDCC exclusives made more available. None of this buying by the case crap that I heard about. (I hope it's not true.)

5. CAM sets include all parts to the body in all sets-not just the bigger two packs.

6. More C.A. Cupid dolls, like Scaris or beach side versions, ect.

7. A movie focused on Spectra and Abbey. Maybe Spectra meeting Invisibilly and showing him around Monster High while Abbey and the ghouls visit Abbey's home. Maybe Abbey runs into an old guy friend back home and Heath mistakes them for liking each other, so he pulls his usual Heath logic to impress Abbey?

8. Garrett doll in the Scaris line.

9. Andy doll in the Skull Shores line.

10. A Draculaura and Clawd Wolf wedding 2 pack.

11. A full blown Monster High T.V. show, made available on stations with or without cable.

12. More dolls in the Scarily Ever After line- I want that Fairy Godmother Abbey, Evil Queen Cleo, and Prince Holt that were pictured in the little booklets that came with the first three. And maybe a Heath in a grandmother's night gown just for laughs.

13. A Valentine, Draculaura, and Clawd three pack that features Clawd and Valentine fighting over Draculaura who is dressed in her "Why do ghouls fall in love" flashback dress. Clawd would be wearing his MH Jacket. Here's the dress I mean:

It's not too good a picture but at least you get an idea of which one I mean.


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