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my mom found meowlody and purrsephone this morning at toysrus,we are on the east coast.she was there as the case was being opened.she's a dedicated grandma and is always on the hunt for the new monster high dolls my 3 daughters are in search of!!

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ok - let u know about order -says arrive by 3/30, so when i know more, i will let you know. i think everyone is expecting to get her in store after april 13, but just like cupid, she never arrived on shelves!! As soon as I get shipping confirmation..I will let you know.

Sounds like a plan. Thank you again so much! Is there anything you want that I can keep a look out for?

Thanks - I am just waiting for the new Venus Mcflytrap - have you seen her? I am on a waiting list, but I read they are not due out until August, however - it seems like they come out way earlier than the release date. Well - I will keep you posted when I hear something on the order - it still says processing, so that is a good sign! ok I will let you know - have a good day

Nope, haven't seen Venus, but if I do, I'll pick up an extra for you. My TRU order still says "Items Located in Stock". I'm hoping the status changes to shipped soon.

We went to TRU on Saturday and my daughter found the lifesize Clawdeen standing cutout so we got that. Clawdeen is her favorite, and we've never seen the cutout of her anyplace.

You have a good day too!

I have never seen that either - my daughter likes Clawdeen also - the Clawdeen is nice in the werewolf set - we do not care for the howleen though - there were some loose Clawdeens from the set on Ebay  - I forgot about the auction and missed out - Im going to check again.


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