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Hi guys and ghouls,

I picked up this set today and would love to trade it away to a good home where these dolls can be loved and appreciated. I do not want to sell I would much prefer to trade. I really have no idea what I should trade them for, but I will hear all offers either on here or through PM. 

I would most likely either trade the whole set for 1 rare doll, or 2 regular not hard to find dolls, or 3 basic (15 dollar type) dolls. I want the trade to be as fair and equal as possible. OR I would maybe trade them for some kind of set with a doll or some of the harder to find furniture like Frankie's bed, Draculaura's bed, etc. I am not sure what the retail of that was when it came out, but if you have anything very rare or expensive to trade then surely I can add additional dolls on my end to our trade so everything is fair and even :) 

Check my profile for positive feedback. Thanks for looking :) 

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So let me get this straight, its okay for you to have an opinion, but no one else?   Dumb, that is just dumb.  And for the record, i could care less about you, your motivation or your daughter for that, I simply put a post about my opinion, if you took it so personally that you felt the need to respond, that is your problem, not mine.  I am also not interested in trading as I already have this item, which was found in a store, by being patient!  As for your opinions which you have also been giving, I would recommend looking in a mirror, you are such a hypocrite.  

Chl0esm0m said:

Ugh, you are exactly why people stay away from these boards. You don't know me, or my motivation, or one thing about my daughter - you read what you want to see into three sentences - and feel the need to give your opinion.
Bottom line is - the value of the items traded is only relevant to those doing the trading. If you were interested in trading, you should say so. If you aren't, you should keep scrolling by the post. Do you walk around a regular store commenting on what others are buying? I doubt it. There's no reason to bring down the positive tone of the post when you aren't even interested.

Psychguy78 - I will have to politely ask that if you want to make these sort of comments, please do it in private message, and please let's redirect the topic of this forum to the trading of Werecat Fearleading 3 pack. If you have opinions about trades, or other members, etc, please make a new forum topic or use private messages. This forum is ONLY for the people who WANT to trade for the Werecat fearleading 3 pack. Any other members with opinions outside of trading for this pack may please do it in another topic. Thank you very much and have a lovely day.


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