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Well, they FINALLY caught the thrift store thieves....A.K.A. The BMR 1959 Crew! ROTFLOL!


Well, the law finally caught up with the chronic thrift shop kleptomaniacs known as "The BMR 1959 Crew". These six thieves have been robbing thrift stores across the world for a total of more than five years, in an effort to...according to them, "bring a pop of color, and a broader sense of inspiration to the fashion world at large."

The thieves have yet to give their names to the legal system, preferring instead to go by the nicknames of "Grape Jelly", "Key Lime Fever", "Kiss My Stripes", "The Rose Garden", "Lemons", and "The Big Bun".

In an official statement to the press, Key Lime Fever spoke on behalf of his group, saying, "We deserve to be proud of this achievement. I mean, like, this is fashion on a worldwide level, for, like, the people. You know, like, every man, woman, child, and so forth. It's a revolution that will foster self-expression on, like, a global level! I wear these green coveralls with pride and joy!"

"Yeah," added Kiss My Stripes, "it's a revolution, a statement for those whose fashion sense has yet to be heard."

"We're perfectly innocent!", exclaimed Grape Jelly, her naturally sweet-looking face pouting. "Whatever we do, we only do it for the sake of freeing the fashion world from drabness."

"It's not only a fashion statement," added The Rose Garden, "but an economic statement about putting your own personal style together by re-purposing what already exists."

"We're guilty, alright," proclaimed Lemons, "but only of creating a fashion sensation from nation to nation." 

For the most part, The Big Bun remained silent, but he did mumble, "I don't care if you have an opinion about us. Just don't touch The Man Bun or the shades, or somebody's going down!"

"That's all well and good," commented the lawman, "but you do realize that everything that you're wearing was stolen, by you, from actual businesses....thrift stores around the world, and that you are all being held for an epic shoplifting spree that spans over five years."

"Your point?", inquired Key Lime Fever, raising one eyebrow.

"You are all in serious trouble for shoplifting."

"Talk to the coveralls!" was the only comment that came from Key Lime Fever, and the entire crew turned away with a well-choreographed over-the-shoulder group glare.

This may be a bit much, but....I was inspired when Monkfish said that these outfits look like they were thrown together. I didn't write this in order to offend anyone, so I hope that it's taken for the joke that it was intended to be. If it is too offensive, the mods may feel free to delete it.

As a matter of personal opinion, though, I must say that if this truly is the future of fashion, I'm gonna eat my hat, because those outfits are just not my cup of tea.

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 

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Lol I was talking to husband yesterday about these looking like they bought their clothing in a thrift store and then got dressed in the dark! hahahaha ahahahaha.

Several people on line think they look like clowns. They've started calling green coveralls "tennis ball head" ahahahaha.

I admit though, under the hideous outfits there's some nice faces. I mean we've got a curvy mtm dark skinned girl with PURPLE lips (omg thank you Mattel!) and little babyhairs painted in which is lovely.

a really pretty ethnically ambiguous girl with microbraids and a most facinating faceup.

A barbie with the Millie sculpt done up for once to have a nude look makeup which is new.

Kira sculpt on a pale mtm body (pale mtm bodies are hard to find anyway and Kira is a OLD sculpt they don't use that often)

and then our first two commercially available MTM kens!

Okay manbun is a rather useless pale shade (most kens aren't that shade so he's not very helpful for rebodying) but the other one looks to be standard shade and it's worth noting, is wearing makeup AND nail polish which is kinda revolutionary for Mattel.

I mean I hate him, I think he's absolutely hideous but I think it's the hair (tennis ball hahah) and outfit. With decent hair and a fabulous formal outfit like Billy Porter or something that makeup could really POP. Sadly with the clown green hair and the overalls he just looks clownish.

I think they have potential though. Strip em outta those awful outfits that remind me of the stuff you'd find thrift store dolls in and redress them in outfits that feel cohesive and planned and they could look awesome.


I quite like these outfits. I like the doll with the purple dress and the hat, pretty doll and great thrift store fashion style!

They do remind me of the thrift store it's funny but neon is really in right now and so is clashing patterns so maybe they are on tread but it doesn't really look great to me. 


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