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Take a look at Winning Werewolves Clawdeen....

....and at the new Frankie....

....and now, from 2017, some HS cheerleaders from Texas....

Does anyone else notice a trend? LOL!

I know, I know. Mattel is going to imitate current styles, but I just think that the new cheerleading bow is kind of a cool, if funny-looking trend.

What do you think of these almighty cheerleading bows?   :)

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf

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JoJo Siwa is kinda the reason of the Big bow trend. She's a famous dancer from the reality tv show dance moms and her signature look is big bows. Like all the kids/pre teens are into it.

Definitely this - you can buy JoJo Bows from The Entertainer:

On the site at the moment there's a category on the main banner for them, which must mean they're really popular.

I feel old.... I hadn't even noticed bows were a thing.

Yes I've noticed the Jojo Siwa bows at the entertainer there is a poster on the outside window and a big display in store, they also sell them at Clair's where they also have a poster in the window.

she must be really popular, I think she was on Dance Moms then she got her own YouTube channel, I think she has started a career in music and acting.

she's even got her own doll coming out, she must do something on nickelodeon.

You are not the only one. I feel older than Cleo de Nile!


I watched "Dance Moms" for such a long time, like, since about 2010 (?). I need to catch up on the post-Abby Lee Miller episode.

I feel older than Cleo de Nile's mother! At sixty eight, I'm probably the single oldest individual on this entire site.

JK! I'm only 38, but even so....

<Disappears into a shadow, searching for wolf-appropriate wrinkle cream>


The Whispering Wolf


God almighty my heart stopped and I thought "oh my, have I ever said something to this poor elderly woman that may have been mean?!"

Now I don't care. Cruel trickery.

I want to toss that Jojo Recall chuck off a tall pier. And a the stupid bows with her.

And being from Texas for 30 years, I can safely say big bows have always and will always be a "thing".

Hello, SammyWinchester,

Wait. You thought that I was the poor, elderly woman? Holy cow! LOL! Did you mean that you thought that JoJo was the poor, elderly woman? I'm confused.

<Disappears into a shadow, clutching wrinkle cream with an iron paw>  ;)


The Whispering Wolf


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