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Like a lot of y'all, I go to Walmart and Target religiously. 

My husband and I are night owls thanks to his job in the medical field, so we go out late a lot to get groceries at Walmart.

We were walking down the "pink isle" as he calls it ( I am an avid MLP and MH collector, it's a frequent visit xD ) and he spotted two boxes that were MH dolls.

We asked if we could have them opened; usually, this is never a problem with the MLP merch. The lady stuttered a second before saying, "Umm..well I was going to I can't. Sorry"

Her male coworker turned around and said, "What the hell do you mean? It's 2:30 AM and we aren't busy, just open it for them." Then she glared at him, and opened it. They were all Frankie and Draculaura 1600 so I wasn't interested.

We walked away, and I decided I may as well customize one. After we got groceries, I came back and they were all gone. That was the -only- set of boxe that were gone, all the other MH merch was put up. Seriously?!

Price gougers and hoarders make me mad, but when you WORK in the store you're seriously rude to take it all.

It makes me want to buy every one I see and resell them at cost to everyone here and locally who actually WANT one. 

( Also, in Target some guy in a suit on his cell phone shoved me out of the way, snatched all of the CAM packs and told someone he was going to make a load on this "ebay run." :l )

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It is hard when you feel like you're the only holdout but toys are mass produced items and this line is pretty popular. Be patient. Whether the doll ships to meet demand or a limited production run is primarily swallowed up by scalpers making it a buyer's market. I know only two modern toys in my collection will appreciate in value- the Dark Magican Girl from the end of the YGO line that I found overseas and the Castor from Tr2n that never was sold at retail.

This phenomenon has reached my area. Most Walmarts around here got their Cupid shipments last week, but the two Walmarts I pass on my way to work have had theirs go missing. Both stores (Hanover, MA and Quincy Falls) have 6 cupids in stock according to the computers at customer service, but neither store could find any in store, either on the floor or in the back. On Saturday morning in the Hanover store, there was a Sweet 1600 box on a cart near the bicycles getting ready to be unpacked, but I was there later in the day and whatever was in there never made it to the shelves--the 1600 display where C.A. Cupid ought to be is still stocked with baby toys. This morning, the 6 cupids are still showing as being in stock. We'll probably never know if these dolls were stolen by customers or employees, but it's pretty clear that they were not unpacked and sold the normal way.

I went to a Walmart in Victoria, TX at 2 am the other night after seeing they were in stock. They come in boxes of 6 and usually only one per week per store. I managed to get there before the Austin scalpers, and we were literally racing them down there. :x

I've been shoved aside so many times by them, it sucks!

Claire, that's horrible to hear. :( I got to a Walmart in League City (the only one on the website showing Cupid in stock... from Houston to Galveston) around 11 am and they had 4 on the shelf (and no other dolls). I snagged the one I thoght looked best and left the others. It seems it's getting them in stock, but they sell out very fast. The other day I went in there and the only doll was my beloved Spectra, which I begged my friend to get for me, despite her busted box. If you can make it there, give it a shot. For me, it's a good 30 minute drive. The only reason I got lucky was because my roomate and my gf both go Goodwilling with me to look for MLP bait and stuff for the apartment. :) My friend was like, "We pass that WM all the time... we never go in..." and when we did we found Spectra who is by far my favorite doll. I was so mad before Xmas my Walmart had Spectra, Abbey, ect. but I had to put the only Spectra back down because of no money. :( So glad I finally got her, but I'm trying to find another so I can display the busted one. ^^;

Our Walmart has had the 1600 display up for quite some time, but no Monster High dolls are ever in the display.  We kept going back to see if they ever stocked the display, but the didn't.  The other day, I decided to go through every toy aisle, and I found Monster High dolls in a different location. They were not in or near the display that they have right out in front of the toys.  That display, for some reason, has Barbies in it.  I was very happy to find this, because I was able to get Nefera and Toralei for my daughter.  They had several CAM starter packs, and CAM add on packs.  They had a few of the 'Back to School' dolls, and 2 Skull Shores Ghoulia.  But my question is, why were these on a different shelf in the back of the toys, and not on or near the 1600 display??  Also, there was no sign hanging above the Monster High section as there usually is.

Neal, my Walmart does that, too. They've had the S1600 display since before XMas. It WAS packed with Abbey and the S1600 dolls. No Spectra, though. Then, after Xmas, nothing. We only got a few SS dolls and I checked yesterday and only Gil was left. They still had 2 vanitys, 1 frankie bed, and 1 jewelry box. Then the usual wigs and clothes. No fashion packs that I've ever seen.

Now, the display is either empty or has a mix of Barbie dolls and MH clothes. They put dolls on the display to make it not look empty. My MH section is in the back on the last toy aisle by the bikes, about 2-3 aisles down from the display. I think our entire toy section is only about 7 aisles. Also, I frequent MLP also, because my gf collects them, and I noticed they haven't been restocking either. However, stff like Barbie and Transformers is overflowing. >>

My Target says once stock reaches a certain number, the system automatically sends a restock request for more dolls. The very nice gentleman I talked to said they should have already ordered more even though I saw 5 or 6 on the shelf-- I think 2 Neferas, 1 Operetta, and the rest was S1600. (I managed to snag the other Operetta.)

The Roadster has been hit and miss. I wish my area stocked the fashion packs. I found another WM recently that did stock them, but it's a lot of gas/time to go up there. ;__;

I wish these scalpers would quit getting MH dolls, and instead get bratz and barbie dolls.

Retailers really have to crack down because the scalper consumer is ultimately bad for their business.

When people are at check out, and the person who is cheching them out, stop them if there skalping?

If you see someone in the act of hoarding in the toy aisle, talk to a manager. Parents with kids with them have more influence- I've seen Toys R Us refuse to sell multiples of new Star Wars figures with that kind of pressure put on them, but you should tell retailers you will leave the store empty-handed if they allow this sort of thing to go on. Be respectful but firm. Retailers must be made aware that the scalper consumer may move inventory faster but they are more prone to return items and discourage sales from general customers. And manufacturers do not benefit from this either because this sort of activity creates false impressions of demand. 


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