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Someone that I know recently saw one of my Jacy dolls, and they said something along the lines of how surprised that they were that Mattel made dolls that were...."fat."

I said something like, "She's curvy.", but they insisted that she wasn't curvy, but out and out fat. Wow....what a disheartening way to look at a doll that pretty much still has a thigh gap, no matter how you pose her legs.

Sure, Jacy's feet could be a little bit larger, so that they'd more accurately match her body size....LOL!, but, other than that, she's adorable in my eyes!

Have any of you heard any really negative comments about Jacy, or about any of the Curvy Barbies?

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 

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yeah I wish they'd make more multi armed or two headed dolls. Or fish/snake tailed bodied dolls... and taurs. I love all that. Thats what I loved about Monster High. I wish we would have had some conjoined or multi armed boy dolls too.

I was hoping some other company would make a new monster or mythology doll line to pick up the niche left vacant by MH but I guess everyone's moved on to the blind bag and slime trend now. :/


"Eight arms to hold you near my heart!"  ;)

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The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Hi Wolfie,

It is really not that important. All the ghouls are great. Only Wydonna and Kala have mutiple arms.

I miss Monster High...

Speaking of Jacy.  I love her name so I stole it for one of my customs. XD

Oh, she is lovely!

And she is wearing Tristen's outfit. ;-)

I like the boots.

Thanks! lol

Well that's a shame I guess the world still needs growing if people can't accept different bodies as acceptable


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