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Someone that I know recently saw one of my Jacy dolls, and they said something along the lines of how surprised that they were that Mattel made dolls that were...."fat."

I said something like, "She's curvy.", but they insisted that she wasn't curvy, but out and out fat. Wow....what a disheartening way to look at a doll that pretty much still has a thigh gap, no matter how you pose her legs.

Sure, Jacy's feet could be a little bit larger, so that they'd more accurately match her body size....LOL!, but, other than that, she's adorable in my eyes!

Have any of you heard any really negative comments about Jacy, or about any of the Curvy Barbies?

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aww that's really mean! I just got Jacy for Christmas and she's really pretty, I haven't opened her yet but I can't wait to. 

the first ever Curvy Barbie people have been posting pictures of her with food, one had her laying in a pizza box with some pizza and I think there was one with a lot of cakes and pastries, and she had been dubbed as "fat" Barbie, it's not right to body shame a doll that was created for a more positive outlook. 

it's like when Jesy Nelson from little mix got body shamed and trolled by many who called her fat which I still don't understand cause I never viewed her as fat maybe a bit curvy but never fat, even so nobody should say anything ever! 

and there's like the evil Katie Hopkins witch who bodyshames people left right and center in the most mean and cruellest way, Jesy Nelson was one of them who she body shamed and Kelly Clarkson was another, and a woman should never say that to another woman.

it dosen't matter what shape and size people are we should all be kind and embrace diverse body sizes.

Oh God! I can't stand Katie Hopkins. She makes a living of being vile. I hope she is not really like that and just put an act, we never know what people are capable of doing to earn money! lol

I agree that all body shapes should be embaced in people but what works for people doesn't always work for dolls!

I have to admit that I am not a fan of the curvy bodies. I think it does not work for dolls to have sort of more realistic bodies and features. It does not work for me. The last thing I look for in a doll is realistic features. One of the reason I fell for MH is their creativity and uniqueness. I love MH bodies the most. They have been accused of looking anorexic which is not the nicest compliment either. Also people who are slim are always insulted especially in the UK. In France, you have the right to be slim and not be asked if you eat enough...

I have never heard comments saying that these dolls are fat but I don't collect fashionistas so I tend to not look at comments and reviews about them. I don't like them very much. Slim, petite, tall or curvy does not make any difference to me. They are too realistic for my taste.

yeah she dose and I don't get it, why is she even famous and how is getting away with it, if she is really like that then she is an awful human being, there's the far right, islamphobia, racsim and homophobia on top of all the body shaming she's like the female 21st century Adolph Hitler. 

yeah well I never really saw dolls as too skinny or anorexic looking, though is true a lot of people compalined about MH being too skinny, one parent even said Skelita is a bad example is way too skinny but I don't see how she can be she has no skin lol, skeletons aren't really known for being curvy.  

LOL If she is really like this it is terrible for her to be a so horrible person. I too don't understand why she is famous and why people listen to her critics and comments. I don't understand either how she could have had a show on LBC a few years ago. It is like Nigel Farage who had a show on LBC as well. How on earth do these people make a living being so uninteresting and expressing really negative views...God knows! The worrying thing is...who listens to them?

Yikes, well I'm just glad I don't know who Katie Hopkins is. Never heard of her. I assume she's some kind of internet "celebrity."

She is an English media person. She also wrote columns in English newspapers, tabloids mainly, the worst newspapers you can imagine in your worst nightmares. She also had a few tv shows. I remember she also at some stage had a show on a radio called LBC.

You are blessed to have never heard of her! lol She is totally uninteresting and she loves to offend.

oh tabloids are the worst! Im glad curvy dolls are out there as an option for those who want them. I have a few of the Fashionista curvys and plan to rebody some of them wth the MTM curvy bodies.

Yes, it is great to have options. We don't have to collect every line of dolls either. Personally, I prefer multiple arms dolls or faceless ghosts or gorgeous Zombies to name a few! ;-)

Hello, Tula,

I totally agree about the dolls with multiple arms! I feel fortunate to have Posea, Kala, and Wydowna, and, even though the correct placement of the arms can become confusing, I find the overall look to be fascinating and interesting. Besides, who wouldn't love Posea, Kala, and Wydowna, anyway? They're the coolest!

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Does Posea have multiple arms? I will check mine but she is not on display. I don't think she has.

No she has only 2 arms, I just checked.

yeah so blessed to never have heard of her, she also appeared on a few reality tv shows here I think but I don't watch an awful lot of those I wouldn't watch anything she was on. 

Yeah Posea only has two arms but Kala and Wydowna have multiple arms, Kyomi is the faceless ghost also known as a Noppera Bo and she is beautiful I love her and the whole haunted line one line I don't have a least favourite in.

Hello, Tula,

Wow! What is with my mind these days? I can't believe that I had forgotten the fact that she really does only have two arms.  : O  I guess that that just proves how unique she really is; she has such an individualistic look about her that I plain forgot that she only has two arms! LOL!  ;)

That makes me wonder, though, if there are any four+ -armed ghouls that I left out....Hmmm....

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