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Well, I just topped my worst doll-buying experience!  :(  I won't discuss price, but let's just say that there's a seller out there who's gonna get lambasted by me....very soon, and I'll tell you why:\

I just used some Easter money to buy a few items online, including a My Scene Madison and Sutton gift set, which was listed as being in "Good Collectible" condition!

I have received several dolls that were listed as being in such a condition, and, compared to what I just received, they looked to be in perfect, NRFB condition!

I was willing to accept a box that looked pretty bad, as I was gonna remove the dolls, anyway. I was willing to accept wonky eyes, deteriorated rubber bands, and maybe even accessories at the bottom of the box, but look at the additional....conditions that I found when I received this doll set:

1.) Sutton's glasses were broken!

2.) Sutton's face was smudged with black....something.

3.) The two little journals were kind of a mess, and the journals....and the fish bowl, were just sort of sitting at the top of the box.

4.) The cello had come unglued, and someone had taped the box back together; the box seemed to be dirty.

5.) When I opened the bottom of the box....A BLACK THUMB TACK FELL OUT!!!

Some of you might think that I'm crazy, but I decided to just keep the dolls, as I would've had to pay over $100.00 in order to buy them all over again (I had payed way, way less than that for this set).

I am mad as Hell, though, with the freakin' seller, and with myself ("Curses! Foiled again!"), and the seller is gonna receive one scathing review from me, because what they did is inexcusable, and I want all of their future potential buyers to know it!

I feel as though I can't trust any online selling platforms (the major ones, anyway), any eBay sellers, etc.! GRRR!  :(

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

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That awful and the seller should have disclosure those issues you could open an item not discribed case if you have photos from when you first received the dolls 


O....M....G! I am mad as....well, you know! That asshat somehow deleted my feedback, and their rating is now above a 90 per cent! I could freaking scream!  : O

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie 


They finally responded to me, saying that if I had just complained to them first, they would've refunded my money....and let me keep the dolls.

I said that since my negative feedback had been deleted, I thought that they should consider giving me the refund, anyway, and that I'd reply with good feedback. I can't exactly seem to redo feedback on the site, but I could always give them good feedback for giving me the refund, anyway.

I haven't heard back; I am fairly miffed, as there was that thumb tack at the bottom of the box....  :(  GRRR....

<Disappears into a shadow>


The Whispering Wolf / Wolfie

Dear Wolfie,

Happy Weekend :) I talked to my Guy about the issue of your missing/vanished ebay review and he told me that once ebay enters into mediation with both parties they take the review down then it will eventually reappear once the issue has been cleared up. Sounds like the seller knows they did wrong and now are telling you if you'd written to them first what they'd do..I hope you will get the refund quickly and yes, they might demand the dolls returned to them..If they do that, tell them they need to pay for the postage..That might stop them from asking for the dolls back. My Guy also recommends always contacting the seller first in any kind of situation involving the item you bought..Take screen shots of the item and its condition as listed in the ad & bookmark the ebay page itself.. Ebay may contact you to resolve this mess and ask you what you want to do..If it is to keep the dolls then price them for what you think their condition is worth & get the refund for postage/shipping fees..Take photos also of the state of the dolls ad you opened the box & compare then to the ebay description.

Good Luck Hugs,



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