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OMG Abbey I am so getting, so glad she's a part of this, and Deuce too I shall be getting him too, and I like both Moanicas so I shall get the 2 pack and single, this really is a big line.

Abbey and Deuce!  Great to see them, but are they seriously printing lapels on Deuce's top instead of giving him an actual coat?  Just how 'budget' is MH getting?  I thought they were talking about improving the quality?

Finally an Abbey. :)

Talk about boring, lame and tacky!!

Something tells me I should be more surprised by the molded on dress, but I'm really not. I'm almost expecting Mattel to cheapen things up nowadays.

The glowing face effect is cute though.

Monster High Abbey Bominable, Moanica D’Kay (And Deuce Gorgon, not pictured) Dance The Fright Away “Welcome To Monster High” found at Kmart (Australia) for AUD$19 !!

Credit to Scarytaleendings on Instagram



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