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I'm digging the zombie a bit. The ribcage shirt, worm earrings and color scheme work well. She actually reminds me more of the old Monster High than any of this new tripe.

They're horrid!

I like Moanica......i will get her...although im no longer collecting Monster High like I use to... (i was a completist ) i will continue to buy new characters.....or if i simply see a doll or even an entire collection, I"ll buy...its definately kinda a relief not having to worry about buying every single thing. Moanica is definately the best "reboot" ive seen and i agree with something someone else said about her most resembling MH before all this reboot hodgepodge and I actually like the clothes/outfits on most of the dolls.

I do like Moanica, I just wish she wasn't replacing Ghoulia.

Though Im hoping the Ghoulia/Spectra absence is just a marketing gimmick to generate demand for them so they can bring them back in a special "welcome back" edition type set. Kinda like how Ken was gone for a while and then they brought him back.

I keep hearing conflicting stories about Moanica & Ari replacing Ghoulia & Spectra....i hear they are, i hear they are not..Ghoulia has always been my #1 favorite  since i 1st started collecting  back in 2010. And she always will absolutely  horrible  as these reboots are....i almost hope they are being replaced because I cannot begin to imagine how terrible  Ghoulia would look.

well her and Spectra will definitely get newer cuter heads. The g1 versions head mold were very gaunt and "adult" looking. I dont mind, I just hate seeing her left out of everything. She's my favorite.

I thought Moanica was coming in the two-pack with Draculaura? In any case, I think she's great. I told myself I wasn't buying any new Monster High but Moanica and the Scream and Sugar 2-pack are making me rethink that. :)

Ari is still white-bread, bland, boring. Yaaaaawn.

The best decision they've made so far is to sell Moanica on her own. She's the best doll in the reboot so far. This doesn't make up for them replacing Ghoulia (Ghoulia's always been my favourite) but Moanica's got some sass that many of the other reboot dolls are severely lacking in.

Still not convinced by Ariana Whats-her-face though.

Moanica single pack is everything I hoped. She looks awesome. I mean look at all those brain and ribcage details!?? I thought MH was going to be steering away from this because it's "omg too scary and morbid" or some rubbish, but she's great. I suspect her outfit will be one piece because Mattel are super cheap these days, but i'm delighted by her details and her asymetrical brows yessss.

As for Ari. She has a pretty face sculpt, but her colour palette is uncreative and lazy and her being basically "Spectra but a pop star" reeks of bad OC made by a 12 year old. It just... yeah. There was no reason they couldn't do a ghost with a more unique colour scheme, they did it previously with the haunted ones so why couldn't they do like.. BLUE or something? Something that differentiated her from Spectra.

I also don't like her outfit like.. at all. It's too frilly and bland to me. I'd have loved to see her get a proper STYLE, like Moanica has a clear fashion style Ari just kinda feels generic and thrown together. It's disappointing.

The singing gimmick is also just.. eugh. No. I hated singing toys as a kid, I hate them as an adult. The toy I LOATHED most growing up with this bloody pink talking MLP I got given. All it ever said was "comb my hair" "I'm pretty" "comb my hair" and I hated that conceited demanding little brat of a thing. HATED it. from then, all dolls with a talking/singing gimmick have reminded me of that awful pony's demands and I feel the hate seething up lol. the gimmicks always wear off really fast but add a hefty price tag and it's just pointless.

that said, Mattel's HSM dolls with the mic that sang when you put the mic to their face were kinda cool for the technology there. Ari lights up right? randomly. I dunno, she feels a little "too much" in the gimmick stakes. thankfully looks like we're getting a non light up, non singing one too.

I think I'd like Ari a lot more if she had a red color scheme rather than the purple. But of course red isn't a 'girl' color so that would never happen. MH needs more red.


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