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"Welcome to Monster High", alternatively titled "Welcome to Monster High: The Origin Story", is the fourteenth TV special produced for the Monster High cartoon series . It will release in fall 2016, and coincide with the new look Monster High dolls which will be released around the same time.

Very little is known about the movie at this time, other than it will focus on the origin stories of Monster High's core characters, and will be animated into a new CGI animation style, which closely matches the new look dolls coming in Summer 2016. Two new characters will appear, Ari Hauntington and Moanica D'kay.

The synopsis on says:

"Once upon a tomb, monsters lived in hiding, afraid they would be in danger if humans knew they existed. But Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, and her ghoulfriends dreamt of a school where everyone was welcome, and a world where monsters and humans could co-exist. Determined to make their dream come true, Draculaura and her best ghoulfriends travel the world on an epic adventure to recruit new students. But even in an amazing place like Monster High, there's drama; a villainous zombie is spreading trouble rather than friendship, and every student must live with the fear that their secret will be revealed. Be there for the beginning of the thrilling and fun monster movement. It's a scary-cool good time that will celebrate the monsters among us!"

Official Trailer 

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Maybe Draculaura will have a dark storyline about being a pet hoarder

I speculate a crossover with My Strange Addictions maybe?

It'd make sense, and I'd be here for it!

My Strange Monster Addiction: I'm addicted to drinking blood..

To clear things up:

On facebook the official Monster High had replying to a comment the spider is Draculaura's original pet, so Count Fabulous comes in later. This whole movie is really meant to be like a throwback and backstory of how Monster High came to be.

Why is everyone acting like MH was some bloody horror film? They were upbeat and sweet in the old one. Seriously, why are so many people over-reacting?

Because they can? They clearly explain WHY in their posts, stop being thick headed and undermining their opinions.

calm down

Bite me. They were clearly being obtuse on purpose.

From the official Monster High Twitter. Clawdeen's mother is confirmed to be in the movie and this is how Clawdeen is going to look.

Home movie: Welcome to Monster High 

Synopsis: There was a scary time, monsters lived in hiding, afraid of the danger they would if humans knew of its existence. But Draculaura, the daughter of Dracula and his monster-friendly dreamed of a school where everyone was welcome and a world where humans and monsters could co-exist. Determined to make their dream come true, Draculaura and best-friends monster will go around the world in search of new students. But even in a place like no drama Monster High: A zombie villain is causing problems rather than friendship and all students fear that their secret is revealed. But this is only the beginning of a great movement monstrous.

Release Date: 24/10/2016

So are they really ditching everything and Frankie is really 200 years old? I said it before; The one thing all the books/web series/etc. had in common was that Frankie was 15 days old at the start of the series.


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