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Webarella (Wydowna Spider) finally up for PRE-ORDER for SDCC attendees

Just saw this so not sure if this is already being discussed, apparently pre-orders will be taken on June 3, 2013. If anyone is attending and willing to snatch up an extra please message lol

So yeah hopefully people will come to their senses and lower their prices for Webarella for other peeps who want her.

Retail Sale Price: $25.00

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If anyone is going to Comic-Con and is taking pre-orders, please Inbox me :)

Are you talking about when Scarah was released on in the post-SDCC sale? They sold her for $22 each plus shipping. I assume that if they sell Wydowna directly after the con (which I don't think they will, because I have no faith in mattel anymore) she will be $25. I'm expecting to have to cough up full ebay price since Power Ghouls is one of my daughter's all-time fave MH series; but if she IS in the after sale she'll just be $25. Mattel will not change her price.

Purple Jae said:

Scarah was $60 on Matty when it went live to the general populace (and $80 on BBTS with a note that a refund will be given if they can't fullfill the order). $25 is how much it'll be at the Con and again I thought we were talking about to the non-con goers so my apologies for the confusion.

Was anyone able to get a subscriber preorder in today?

I am attending and she is still not sold out. PM me if you would like me to order you one. 

@josie Scott : I'm interested,

I got mine today. Sadly all the dolls have owners so I cannot sell to anyone. Hopefully they will have extras for tomorrow and if I can I will get some more.

Valerie Malone said:

Was anyone able to get a subscriber preorder in today?
Please if anyone could help me out to just get ONE i would be so thankful. I could pay for the doll and shipping and your troubles.

I also would like one too. If I can get one I will pay for everything and extra for helping me.

i hope my husband and i can get a few today. we are staying home from work to go to the dmv anyway, so w are going to get up and stare at the computer until we get a couple. yay. also last year was my first experience with the booth line being horrible. the dolls old out everyday as the convention hall opened, which meant people were in prior to the posted opening time and or the boothies bought everything. luckily last year my husband bought six. so i got one.

If anyone can help me get one that would be greatly appreciated, I can pay extra too.

i was lucky enough to order 6 for pick up..yay

Welp her pre0order sold out in 4 minutes, got mine and the ones I needed for friends.


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