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Webarella (Wydowna Spider) finally up for PRE-ORDER for SDCC attendees

Just saw this so not sure if this is already being discussed, apparently pre-orders will be taken on June 3, 2013. If anyone is attending and willing to snatch up an extra please message lol

So yeah hopefully people will come to their senses and lower their prices for Webarella for other peeps who want her.

Retail Sale Price: $25.00

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I would appreciate the same favor if anyone could help.
I'm bummed that it doesn't say it will be available to purchase online like the other products on August 5.

Those are pre-orders for Early Access for Subscribers to one of their other lines, so unless you have a subscription to say Masters Of The Universe or Watchmen or even DC Universe you have to wait until June 4th. The kicker is 

  • There’s a limited amount of each product available for pre-order, so shop early for best selection.Availability is first-come, first-served for both Early Access (open to subscribers only) and All Access (open to everyone) and there are no promises you’ll be able to purchase a voucher for every product. If products sell out during Early Access, no additional products will be made available.

Which means if subscribers pre-order all of them at 6 per person, there are none to pre-order for the regular attendees on the 4th, which IMO is complete BS.

It may not happen like that Valerie. There was the same speculation about Scarah last year and there was extras available to the public for sale. Try to keep positive with fingers crossed! :)

Oh, and it probably won't be for sale at the retail price. Chances are, it'll be closer to $50-60.

What are you talking about? What I posted was about the pre-orders on the 3rd are for subscribers only, all access pre-orders are on the 4th BUT they could run out on the 3rd leaving nothing for anyone else to pre-order.

Came back because that wasn't meant to sound snotty! If she makes it to booths other than Mattel before the convention is over she'll be more than $60, last year there were several booths with Scarah for over $200

Scarah wasn't part of EA last year. It annoys me  mostly because I specifically asked on Matty's forum right before subs closed since at best I was going to do the MOTUC for a friend but was told it wasn't necessary.

I posted a rant on Mattel's, Matty's and Monster High's facebook though it won't do anything.

Unless Mattel made triple or quadruple the numbers of Wydowna as they did Scarah for the online sale, lots of people will have trouble getting her from Matty Collector. Scarah was limited to 2 per person last year without the early access and she still sold out within 2 minutes. There's even more of an incentive to buy 2 this time because SDCC Wydowna is her Power Ghouls and Basic in one.

I'm actually after three SDCC Wydownas; one to keep mint for my SDCC display, one for my Basic display and one for my Power Ghouls display. I even need one more SDCC Ghoulia since I need one for my Power Ghouls display.

so let me get this straight, i subscribed to mattycollector subscription for a early release of one day eariler, where i still have to come pick them up?> how would i do that when i can't buy any comic con ticket because oh yeah they are sold out, and were sold out within seconds of opening, so tell me folks does anyone else feel like they were scammed when they were given lies by mattel to subscribe, i did the cheapest plan and their 25 dollar dolls come out at 37.95 and no way can i make up for that line, not feeling the love for a special one day preorder when i cant get into to comic con to pick up any of my preorders if i did it on the 3rd, maybe its time to sue mattel for breach of contract and false advertising 

attached is the image they sent getting people to subscribe to their subscriptions, in fact the first paragaph states that subscribers will have several days early access to special products such as monster high to the public and i am sorry the public is comic con, either way even if  you want to say they are keeping their bargin, no one would have subscribed if they knew the items was only attainable thru going to comic con, the understanding on their youtube video statement and thru emails was that we would be offered pre access to buying special items such as monster high and they would be sent to our homes, . even if you want to argue this, june 3rd preaccess preorder date is not several days before june 4th, i hope they understand that we can look at calendars and we have alittle more education then kindergardeners.

so while you feel that your money is well spent on items you didn't want to buy thru their gimmic subscriptions, i feel like it was a lie, to get me to buy items that no collector wants to buy so that i would have access to monster high items, and sadly i was not the first 25000 people that bought all the comic con tickets in 1 second time, so i guess this subscription doesn't help me, only helps the scammers and ebayers.

Her Monster Highness speaks the truth. SDCC products sold during the presale are to be picked up by the person who placed the order, whose name is on the badge/credit card AT COMIC-CON. NO EXCEPTIONS. If someone is ignorant of this in purchasing a subscription to product lines that they don't care about (just because you don't like He-Man, Watchmen, or whatever doesn't mean others don't or shouldn't), that's their own fault for not reading carefully, not Matty's for allegedly trying to deceive you.

And if you're not one of the lucky few who got to buy a pass to SDCC, that's just... well, that's life. Harsh, but true.
Fixed the link since it wasn't appearing for some peeps. Hope the new link helps.

Midori Fae, Monster highness, did you guys not watch the freakin matty collector video describing the subscriptions, nor did you not look at the initial image with info? it said that those who subscribed would get early access to purchase monster high dolls,well this is not early access, it never mentioned comic con, i have emails , and i personally did phone calls, I am sorry that you feel that mattel can dishonor their own terms because your able to go to comic con, but sorry they did DISHONOR THEIR TERMS!!!

do you really want me to pull up the old emails matty collector sent out to those subscribing?


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