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Mag gawd! Of you know me, you know I have been inactive! I couldn't even finish my good bye RP! But I am back and ready ready to par-Tay! XD I promos I will do this one XD. Here is the plot:

My oc's Shane and Shaun have moved away...BUT THEY ARE BACK! There are new monsters to meet! Every thing has changed. They throw a little dance in the gym to celebrate coming back. Dates:optional. But hey! I think Shaun brought a friend. Introducing Josh, a cool, fun loving Werewolf! Now I shall start, don't ask to join, just jump in!


Shane ran in to the school eagerly. "We are back!"Shaun, Shane's twin brother yelled. Shane grinned. "Let's get that gym set up girls."he joked. "I'm a boy."Josh grinned. "I'm a MAN!"Shaun grinned wider. Shane rolled his eyes, pushing red hair off his face. "Let's go find our friends and meet new students if there are any."Shane said. Josh nodded and Shaun spun in a circle and ran ahead.

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((It's been so long since I RPed with you @_@

Sounds fun :3 I suppose I'll join. I think I'll be Mortiferum and Meurtrier Geisterhaus ( They're both new students. Mortiferum's PoV))

"I can't believe that we were forced to move." Meurtrier grumbles as we stand by our lockers. "I doubt we'll make any friends here, since we didn't have any back home. The people there were so rude!"

"They were rude." I agree. "They wandered into our home uninvited, and they got what they deserved. We scared them off. We killed them. We didn't have any friends, and we won't get any."

"I don't care how nice the people here are. We're living, killing marionette dolls! We'll scare them away! And besides, I hear a few students moved back here, and are throwing a little dance. What if we're invited? We might crash the party!" Meurtrier wails, her wooden joints clacking as she moves.

I ignore my sister, trying to tell myself that it isn't true.

But it is. It's very true.

Shane and Shaun walked side by side with Josh following behind. Shane saw the two new students. Shaun glanced at them. "They don't look that friendly..."Josh said quietly. "Oh come on, what do you know about them?"Shaun said. Shane nodded. Josh rolled his eyes. Shaun stepped forward. "Hi, I don't think we have met. I'm Shaun and that's my brother Shane. And the one hiding with the dark hair is Josh."he said nicely. Shane smiled, while Josh glared at Shaun.

"Um... hi?" Meurtrier says uncertainly, glancing at me. "I'm... Meurtrier, and this is my brother Mortiferum. Nice to meet you..?"

((I'm going to join as Niran, as usual xD and rp's nowadays are so inactive))

I slam my locker shut, and nervously ruffle through my hair, an old habit I could never get rid of. I quickly scan the hallway, seeing cliques, and I roll my eyes, the usual….


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