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The other day I found a discussion on here from about a month ago saying that TRU had Wave 1 Draculaura in stock online! I tried to find it again to give you a link, but I failed.

Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone else has seen her or another older line in stock anywhere. It made me really curious.

(Oh, while I'm here, check out my new OCs!)

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I purchased a wave 1 Draculaura earlier today at a Claire's jewelry store in the mall. I didnt need another Ula because I have 6  (4 customs and 2 stocks) but my husband fell in love with her pigtails and boots and little umbrella XD

I live in the UK, and I saw Draculaura wave 1 online in stock on TRU once. :( 

But other than that I have no idea where to get her. :( I'm guessing they are pretty much impossible to get in the UK now. 

Was just at the South Shopko in Rochester MN, and I saw a few Wave 1 Draculauras, about 10 Wave 1 Frankies, and a Dawn of the Dance Frankie.  Absolutely nothing new anywhere in town (Except Rochelle, Jackson, and the New CAMS.)  I am STILL Looking for Clawdeen/Howleen and the Werecat Twins though....we never got them in town.

I got her off amazon a month ago for £35 x

I have seen quite a few Wave 1 Draculauras and Frankies at local (Wisconsin) Shopko stores.

Good to know they are still being spotted here and there. Last time I've seen wave 1 Ula D was for the black Friday sales at Walmart, I picked one up and gave it to my bestie along with a wave 1 Lagoona for Xmas. I still need her for myself, as well as Frankie and the Cleo and Deuce set.


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