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All Prices Negotiable!

Shipping is not included!

I have a few items in "sets" with some other items, if you would like me to split up the set for you that is a-ok with me!

Prices are in USD!

Open to trades and partial trades for items from my wishlist, see attached Files!


Wave One Cleo- Missing accessories and left hand. Good Condition. 24$

Nude Classroom Frankie- Great Condition. 10$ with Accessories 12$

Nude Dawn of the dance Frankie- Missing left arm and hand. Good Condition. 7$

Nude Gloom Beach Frankie- Missing Left arm and hand. Good Condition. 7$

Nude Picture Day Abbey- Great Condition. 10$ With dress 12$

Nude Bait Abbey- Hair Cut super short, missing left arm and hand. Not sure which line she is from 5$

Nude Bait Mad Science Lagoona- Small pink spot on face, hair taken down, missing arms. 4$ With dress 4.50$


CAM Vampire/Werewolf top and skirt- 3$

Abbey Fashion Pack Dress and Purse- 3$ I also have the shoes and necklace somewhere that I'm debating about selling, let me know if you are interested.

Picture Day Abbey Dress- 3$

Mad Science Lagoona Dress- 1$ Slight discolouration on front of dress.

Mad Science Lagoona Left Earring- Free with Purchace

Lagoona Fashion Pack Dress-2$ Again, I have the shoes and purse that I'm debating about selling, let me know if you are interested!

Classroom Frankie Accessories- 3$ 

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