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Hello everyone! I absolutely adore Spectra's Picture Day outfit...the entire, pants, top, all of it.

Would I be better off buying just the outfit from somebody or should I just get the whole doll? She's not that pricey, but I was hoping to save some $$$ and just get the outfit since I already have a spectra.

Any thoughts or advice?

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I know what you mean. I would LOVE to get my hands on just the outfit (especially the shoes), especially since both my daughter & I both have a Spectra.

However, for those who do doll mods, you may be able to find some one who is willing to buy the doll sans clothing from you for about half the cost of the doll.

Are you talking the doll or the outfit to be traded?

Marghoul [ask to PC] said:

Are you willing to trade for it? I might be willing to trade mine off, if the offer is good. ;)

I know I can make a custom outfit for Spectra, but I will yield first jump in to Aaron, as he started this discussion.


I myself would just buy the doll from the store, keep the outfit and sell off the doll.

Hi all! Wow there are such awesome people on here! Ok so I am currently thinking I'll just snag her at target before she disappears!

Thank you so much all of you! I love these discussions!!!!

In case you don't want to go through the hassle of selling off the doll I have the entire outfit plus accessories I'd be willing to trade for her first fashion pack if you have it. Open to other trades as well, if you're interested pm me. 

I'll buy the doll if price is reasonable :)


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