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I also have never had a chance to snag a Wave II Basic Frankie, I'll gladly take one off your hands.

Of course, I'm looking for a Rochelle and Jackson.

Again, all for reasonable prices + shipping.

April is a big month for me and I'm trying to get myself these dolls for my birthday on the 29th. :) (Turning 25. ;_; )

Any help is appreciated, the only thing I ask for is non derpy faces. (Where the eye looks like it might float off their face type of derpy.)

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I have Rochelle $32.50, Jackson $32.50 and Frankie "school's out" $25 if interested.

How much are you charging for shipping on each?

$8 for one doll, $11 for all 3 dolls to MA.

Yay! Another old person! I'll be 25 in December. :D

I need to change that, haha. I live in Henderson, NV now. :)

DracuAngel said:

$8 for one doll, $11 for all 3 dolls to MA.

Awesome! :D

Amanda (Ghoulia Yelps) said:

Yay! Another old person! I'll be 25 in December. :D

That probably wouldn't change the shipping rate much. I live in wi, so I'm in between both places, so same distance. You can email me if you're interested. Thanks.
I can get you a wave 2 Frankie. It's my friends; brand new in the box :)
But she's asking £30 ($47) and shipping will be about £8 ($12.50) but out of box should be about £7 ($11)

I have a nude W2 Frankie with necklace, earrings and bracelet, stand and brush. Want around what I paid for her: £20 ($31) shipping with be about the same as I said before, or willing to trade for Spectra (nude/with accessories) 

I'll think about it. :)

The school's out Frankie I have, I believe is the wave 2. for $25.

$25 seems alright. :)
I don't get paid until thursday so I'm trying to get offers in and see what I'll do then. I have cosplay stuff to get as well. \:

I'm mainly looking for the Wolf twin pack though, it's becoming more and more rare as I have yet to see one even in the store. Yet they have the price tag up. It's selling for $50-60 on Ebay which is a price I really do not want to pay right now.

Just let me know when your ready. I can hold a wave 2 Frankie "school's out" for you until your ready.


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